Compassion is the basis of morality-

Here is the flat-out, honest truth you have been searching for your entire life: You are going to screw up eventually.

Everyone, You, me – the dude picking his nose in the car next to you  Make many mistakes, daily.

A few times in the not so distant past, I have lamented painfully about self-compassion. Self-compassion (loosely defined) is the extent to which you treat yourself with kindness. Self-compassion differs from the likes self-esteem (its critical to note this), which is how good you feel about yourself.  Self-compassion determines how well you spring back from adversity during the course of the day. Like getting down on ourselves when “things” go sideways Treating ourselves and others with kindness, makes it infinitely easier to recover from harmful experience(s).

Daily Meditation:

When our sole focus is intent on protecting our self-esteem, we can’t afford to look at ourselves objectively, honestly and with a pure heart. We fail to acknowledge the need for improvement, because it means acknowledging weaknesses, shortcomings and maybe – That we screwed up somewhere in our past

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(Auto) Porción

Live to the point of tears-

Part of my philosophy here at CultFit is that I believe that people who engage in a healthy and active lifestyle and folks who don’t, can benefit from sharing stories with each other.

Quick example: If you’re struggling with injury, doubting yourself, stuck in a deep – treacherous training rut and wonder if it’s even possible to live a happy life without fretting over a tedious marathon training plan? It can be refreshing and helpful to hear from people who don’t train like a bunch of “freaks“. What do people do who merely run for fun? How do they relax the temptation to compete? On the other hand, if you don’t fancy running more than a meter, it can be affirming or simply a vicarious pleasure to hear the ups and downs of other people’s lives.

Exploring and surrendering to your own style can help you craft your own plan


When all is said and done, the most helpful thing we can do is ask ourselves: What makes me comfortable, given who I really am?

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Day and Night

Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more-

Sadly, we have resorted to drastic measures peeps.  Normally we like to keep it light and fluffy on Thursdays, always have and always will, maybe?!? The proverbial line in the sand has been drawn, until the NHL starts playing again?  We will be showing cheeky Canadian videos on Thursday mornings … Sorry.

**Be forewarned!  It’s all downhill from here, Strange Brew and Degrassi Junior High vid’s are on tap for next week.**

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … A brisk Walk and some Leg Drains.  Simple.

Who knows?  Maybe you and your ironic self-will make it on Style Blaster.  <—To be cool before it’s cool?  Click Me!!!


It certainty has been a strange week so far and “Thank You” to each and every one of you taking the time out of your busy lives to read today.  Take care and ENJOY!!!