Compassion is the basis of morality-

Here is the flat-out, honest truth you have been searching for your entire life: You are going to screw up eventually.

Everyone, You, me – the dude picking his nose in the car next to you  Make many mistakes, daily.

A few times in the not so distant past, I have lamented painfully about self-compassion. Self-compassion (loosely defined) is the extent to which you treat yourself with kindness. Self-compassion differs from the likes self-esteem (its critical to note this), which is how good you feel about yourself.  Self-compassion determines how well you spring back from adversity during the course of the day. Like getting down on ourselves when “things” go sideways Treating ourselves and others with kindness, makes it infinitely easier to recover from harmful experience(s).

Daily Meditation:

When our sole focus is intent on protecting our self-esteem, we can’t afford to look at ourselves objectively, honestly and with a pure heart. We fail to acknowledge the need for improvement, because it means acknowledging weaknesses, shortcomings and maybe – That we screwed up somewhere in our past

CultFit Skating


Canada is the linchpin of the English-speaking world-

Still no NHL … So in the meantime:

The CultFit Canada-Land Rock Hat Trick:

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … A deep, passionate, heartfelt Sun Salutation series to awaken the senses in the AM … Then off to the Ice Rink later in the afternoon for a spot of skating with the kiddos.


Bieber Fever?  Maybe some NicklebackCeline Dion and Snow for next week?!?  Moving on, Many members of the CultFit staff have finally realized that the Winter Classic is going to be cancelled.  This is not necessarily a bad thing peeps!?!  What else is there to do in Michigan during the winter months anyways?  Be well today and ENJOY!!!