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Canada is not the party. Its the apartment above the party-

Everything in our lives ebbs and flows at its own natural speed; when rushed, unpleasant “things” tend to happen. Personal change is most effective when it occurs slowly, allowing our behavior(s) to become automatic, and part of who we truly are.

Daily Meditation:

The rigors of daily life are like a stirred-up lake during a busy mid-week holiday: Allow the wake to calm and the mud will settle, clearing the water, our minds, our hearts.  Happy Canada-Land Day!!!

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It was my father taught my mother
how to dance.
I never knew that.
I thought it was the other way.
Ballroom was their style,
a graceful twirling,
curved arms and fancy footwork,
a green-eyed radio.

There is always more than you know.
There are always boxes
put away in the cellar,
worn shoes and cherished pictures,
notes you find later,
sheet music you can’t play.

A woman came on Wednesdays
with tapes of waltzes.
She tried to make him shuffle
around the floor with her.
She said it would be good for him.
He didn’t want to.

– Margaret Atwood

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: Higher & Higher :

You are — your life, and nothing else-

A little over two years ago I stopped planting myself on the couch and turning the TV on for no good reason. Very seldom do I pay attention to the pathetic, dreadful “news”. I am picky with whom I choose to spend time with. Something happened in my life that I fail to put a finger on, and even now its hard to put into words to share with you. I realized there was a deep-rooted issue with my soul, my true-self. It was as if my soul, was raw, torn, ripped wide open. As if my true-self needed a “special” kind of time. We often think of time as a linear aspect of our lives … 0400 in the morning – Time to rise and eat breakfast , 0900 – Second breakfast, 1200 – Workout over lunch … As the cadence of time marches on, we fall prey to time – Time truly dictates our life.

Bringing balance to body, mind, and spirit has never been more important to me. With this intention, I packed my bags last Tuesday and set off for a long weekend of cyclocross racing in Winnipeg – A beautiful city nestled near the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Winnipeg is an idyllic oasis on the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies, the spirit of Winnipeg perfectly aligns with its inspiring surroundings. A city, simply being

This exhilarating excursion nine hours north of Omaha, NE included boundless adventure at every turn. Between the company of close friend(s), practicing at Public Yoga, an endless amount of delicious food, the support of a large, cheerful crowd, laid back fellow competitors and the great outdoors; only served to deepen my connection to simply being. My weekend transformed into an eye-opening experience that both heartened and challenged me.

Do you recall when you last fell prey to marching in step with time? Maybe it’s when you stopped looking at your iThingy every fifteen seconds, or better yet, when you fully surrender to a state of flow during your morning yoga practice or whilst training for your next big event? A moment in which you stop counting breaths and checking Strava for a little bit as you exercised your creative muscle(s) – that “thing” between your ears.

This is when time stops pedantically chugging along,  and being begins. May you take a moment to bathe in the beauty of simply being this morning.

Daily Meditation:

This beautiful “thing” called life presents to us the opportunity to slow down and savor the concept of being. Even when counting the miles away driving from Omaha to Winnipeg (642 … ).

CultFit Fall

Lose Your Way

Oh! that gentleness! how far more potent is it than force-

No healthy path I explore is going to lead to having “success” waiting at the end. During the course of my 37 years, in my experience, the long-term success of my path depends largely on the amount of gentleness I bring to my “failures.” Spending time exploring my path requires enormous amounts of energy to confront and then walk directly into discomfort, to shift away from prior habits. Fighting with myself drains much-needed energy, quickly. Gentleness, on the other hand, creates internal harmony and allows my inner energy to flow, to be regenerated, released. I’m not sure of a singular event that made it possible for me to accept myself to the degree that I do now. I still screw up daily, although I do know that acceptance has left my inner landscape truly a gentle place, a place for me to find myself once again.

At some point wandering around this vast path, I lost interest in protecting myself: Worrying endlessly about working out, staying fit, eating right, recklessly practicing yoga, competing in frivolous races, caring more about my outward appearance than loving my inner-self. Whether it was by finding grace after constantly injuring myself, self-acceptance of where I was at, or the help of some close friends. I came to full ownership of the “path“, completely free of the:  “should I do this” or “I have to do more”.

The most empowering aspect of inner alignment is the ability to arrive back onto the path when I fall off. My old habits still remain, as hard as we try there is no erasing old “habits“. When I am not conscious of my actions, when my resilience is perilously low and I feel helpless in the face of daily challenges? I still tense up from the fear of the unknown and lose connection with myself and family members. Even in these most trying moments, my deep commitment calls me back onto the path.


Happy Canada-Land Day folks, please be well and take care … Eh!!!

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Canada is the linchpin of the English-speaking world-

Still no NHL … So in the meantime:

The CultFit Canada-Land Rock Hat Trick:

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … A deep, passionate, heartfelt Sun Salutation series to awaken the senses in the AM … Then off to the Ice Rink later in the afternoon for a spot of skating with the kiddos.


Bieber Fever?  Maybe some NicklebackCeline Dion and Snow for next week?!?  Moving on, Many members of the CultFit staff have finally realized that the Winter Classic is going to be cancelled.  This is not necessarily a bad thing peeps!?!  What else is there to do in Michigan during the winter months anyways?  Be well today and ENJOY!!!