(Auto) Porción

Live to the point of tears-

Part of my philosophy here at CultFit is that I believe that people who engage in a healthy and active lifestyle and folks who don’t, can benefit from sharing stories with each other.

Quick example: If you’re struggling with injury, doubting yourself, stuck in a deep – treacherous training rut and wonder if it’s even possible to live a happy life without fretting over a tedious marathon training plan? It can be refreshing and helpful to hear from people who don’t train like a bunch of “freaks“. What do people do who merely run for fun? How do they relax the temptation to compete? On the other hand, if you don’t fancy running more than a meter, it can be affirming or simply a vicarious pleasure to hear the ups and downs of other people’s lives.

Exploring and surrendering to your own style can help you craft your own plan


When all is said and done, the most helpful thing we can do is ask ourselves: What makes me comfortable, given who I really am?

CultFit Drop

Artificial Life

That’s sad. How plastic and artificial life has become. It gets harder and harder to find something…real.” Nin interlocked his fingers, and stretched out his arms. “Real love, real friends, real body parts…”-

Life, each and every day is a risky undertaking. Each of us have our own choices to make each day, minute-to-minute, conveniently wrapped with the many mysteries of life. The weight loss plan we planned out over a nice Merlot in January may help us reach a goal we value and then again, it very well may not.

What exactly makes sense as we negotiate this perilous journey of life?

The balance between too much risk and too much safety is an altogether different equation for different folks. There is no right answer.

The rule book for our life is written well before we are born and we are taught those rules from the day of our birth. The rules are full of do this and don’t do that and awful consequences (you’ll shoot your eye out kid) and great rewards (a cheap medal for finishing a 5k). No two of you reading today share the same rule book as mine, not even remotely close. This is one of the main reasons why we sometimes become so hostile, so polarized, unwavering in our thoughts when facing off against an opponent who feels equally so. Don’t believe me? Tell the yoga goddess in your 9am class that her breathing and focus, suck. She’s following the rules for herself (matching Lululemon pants with a revealing top).

Living deeply is looking closely at your rule book and deciding, for ourselves, what our true nature is. What exactly is your true nature and how can you live authentically? The answers don’t come as easy as say a one-time blog post or a witty self-help e-book. They come as feelings of intuition and as a sense of purpose, guiding us one way or another. The answers we seek will come as clarity, focus, a genuine sense of purpose. Sometimes the answers are crystal clear, sometimes they are barely discernible nudges; a fleeting thought or feeling; a sweetness on your lips; a resonance in your heart … Do you hear these today?

The Workout-

A simple Walk sprinkled with some Inversions to make life interesting.


Step outside the familiar this afternoon, the comfortable, the place where you think you are safe, take a risk (wear jammies to yoga class). Take a risk against the old you … This is a risk worth taking.

CultFit Break

Thursday 29 March 2012

Sweet are the uses of adversity, Which like the toad, ugly and venomous, Wears yet a precious jewel in his head-

What better way to celebrate this bright sunny morning after a grueling program yesterday?  Why with a Rest Day of course served up nicely this morning with a dash of “Best Caption to the Picture Wins Something”:

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day…Quite Meditation always does the body good, so we have been told?!?


Take the time today to step back, take a deep cleansing breath and relax.  Most importantly be safe today and ENJOY!!!

Monday 26 March 2012

If you are convincing yourself to do something, you are doing the wrong thing. This is the litmus test-

What a wonderful weekend hanging around doing not much of anything, besides going to the park and enjoying a long walk.  We were pleased as well to wake up Sunday morning with the great news that we have been awarded the Liebster Award from our friend/pal/mate: mymultipersonality.  Thank you so much and shortly (today) we will have a linky thing on the side here that will painstaking show our heart-felt appreciation!

Also, and what a splendid way to start the week: Weight4U awarded us the Versatile Blogger Award!!!  Allow us a few minutes to jump behind the pulpit…

These awards do mean a bunch due to the fact that they signal an investment of time, thought and consideration of the peeps who nominate you.  Basically they read, which in our book is a good thing.  We understand that the posts here at CultFit are not always cute and friendly, neither is life.  You can’t always sit on your “10 paleo diet trick” posts and “do this for ripped abs” fence for long…Dive into the minutia if you like?  Just don’t take an easy stance!

Thank you once again mymultipersonality and Weight4U!

The Plan-

Patterns and loading…Or if you like just go do your program today with reckless abandon?  One of the most primal pleasures in life is watching a little peep take his or her first steps.  Ten to one odds if you can find a scientific article about a peep popping out the womb running (JaJa- Writing in platitudes is exhilarating).  Second to that is watching an “adult” (used very, very loosely) doing yoga or pilates (especially X-Fit peeps) for the first time.  Let’s keep this in mind as we go trough the programs this week…

The Workout-

Not for time and 75 to 80% effort today…Entertain this for a minute:  You know how to go balls out everyday beating the road, the gym.  You are intimately aware of the feeling it provides you.  Is it too much to suggest that working within a set range and peaking at the proper time is foreign to you?!?

Best done outside…

100 Hinge Walk Out Push Ups (10 walk outs – 10 push ups – loosen and lube up the joints, listen to your body this morning) Followed by:

25 Goat Bad Belly Swings Followed by:

25 Reverse Walking Lunges (Thread the needle here, Pattern and Load!!! 5-6 times is cool) Followed by:

25 Broad Jumps (Full Active Hip Extension – Think Long Jumper…Pattern and Load!!!)

Please for the sake of all things holy!!!  Do Not rattle these out like a fool…If 75-80% means little or nothing to you?  Carry on as normal.


Be safe today and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

Friday 23 March 2012

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind, than in the one where they sprung up

Quick video to cheer you up this morning and to set the proverbial mood around here:

How do you follow-up a great video like the one above?  We’ll with a pool side chat about kinesiophobia, that’s how you do it!  Fire up the Google Machine and read up a bit on wiki-i-know-everything-for ten-minutes…Done?!?

Cool were not going to talk about that anyways as our Crack Webz Research Team has chimed in with the following information:  “Why do I have to worry about the psychological factors that influence my injury rehab?  Shit Son I just ignore all the damn pain anyways!”  Just nod your head and keep reading on…(10 to 1 odds if you can find another blog-piece about kinesiophobia on the webz today!)

Its time to have a heart to heart:  You are not an athlete, truly gifted in your specific sport.  Our research shows that less than .10% of the population in the Milky Way fall into the “exceptionally good and get paid to do it” crowd.   You are an excellent mother/daughter and excellent father/son- definitely!  A weekend warrior?  Someone who pursues albeit nobly, misguided athletic pursuits?  Sadly yes.  “What in the heck is going on here today?”  Consider this:  On this blog-o-thing here last week alone 10000+ peeps wasted 4.45 minutes of their lives trying pull a few tidbits of information to use to better themselves as an athlete for that particular weekend. Four people realized that there is more to life…Our lives are fleeting: You are born and you will die someday.  The path between points A and B is so exciting and fulfilling, enjoy it.

Recoil in horror if you like and start beating the dog with a newspaper.  If we take time to zoom way-way out on our lives the time we spend worrying about prone running and Spartan Warrior Dashes become trivial, minute to some…not to others.  We like to think that if we zoomed out on your life we would see a big broad and pure smile from points A to B?  Not a broken body, empty containers of coconut water and race bibs.

There is a reason for our mindless rambling on this fine crisp morning…Next week sometime we will have written our 300th post.  What started as a small team of like-minded individuals sharing the simple pleasures of enjoying your family and being active has grown considerably over the past year.  We have stated before there are a wide range of peeps around here who share personal stories and hard-earned wisdom from day to day…We are self-proclaimed masters in the fine art of Tautology.  In one form or another this truism stands true:  You are enough.

The Plan-

Top Tip:  This is free and you’re welcome!?!

This wraps up our squatting coverage for the year!  Thanks for reading.

The Workout-

Remember what we spoke briefly about on Monday?  Good let’s get to work…

Trail Run/Swim/Hike/Bike/Walk…Not quickly but thoroughly Warm Up today.

Take 30 or so minutes to WORK UP to a one rep max Turkish Get Up (use your head here peeps – not as a place to drop the weight either!)

Trail Run/Swim/Hike/Bike/Walk…With Conviction and Purpose for however long you like.


Thank you for reading and stopping by for a moment.  The message presented today is vitally important to us here and hopefully you may be able to take something from it.  Explaining to your 7-year-old Son that you can’t play catch due to the fact that your close minded, harsh abuse to your body (all in the pursuit of some “vain” race bib) has left you crippled?!?  No way to live life A to B…Rest up this weekend, be safe and ENJOY!!!