Compassion is the basis of morality-

Here is the flat-out, honest truth you have been searching for your entire life: You are going to screw up eventually.

Everyone, You, me – the dude picking his nose in the car next to you  Make many mistakes, daily.

A few times in the not so distant past, I have lamented painfully about self-compassion. Self-compassion (loosely defined) is the extent to which you treat yourself with kindness. Self-compassion differs from the likes self-esteem (its critical to note this), which is how good you feel about yourself.  Self-compassion determines how well you spring back from adversity during the course of the day. Like getting down on ourselves when “things” go sideways Treating ourselves and others with kindness, makes it infinitely easier to recover from harmful experience(s).

Daily Meditation:

When our sole focus is intent on protecting our self-esteem, we can’t afford to look at ourselves objectively, honestly and with a pure heart. We fail to acknowledge the need for improvement, because it means acknowledging weaknesses, shortcomings and maybe – That we screwed up somewhere in our past

CultFit Skating

Grinding (Gravel)

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them-

For more than just a “few” years humanity has co-existed with nature and bicycles. We have passionately learned from both of these. We have watched corn fields grow and soy beans sprout gently rolling by a farmer’s field early one crisp summer morning. If our intentions are set, we can tap into the ever-expanding wisdom and presence unfolding in front of our eyes: Witnessing storms brewing on the horizon with an ever-present eye, listening to the road grinding away beneath you.

In these awe-inspiring moments we are true to ourselves and our intentions are pure.

CultFit Ride

Riding on a crunchy gravel road recently I learned of the precious, limited time I have to experience nature and more importantly, the respect I have for her. Scanning the road ahead of me I spot some familiar animal friends, my humble teachers this afternoon. These creatures – robins, red tail hawks, field mice and the occasional frog and skunk have taught me to live in the moment, to switch off my “ego” and to be at peace with myself and my surroundings. Don’t believe what I am saying?!? Freak out near a skunk … I look on, as small intimate farms and families begin to form up ahead to my right, a family picnic with elders playing with the little ones. I find myself thinking how the cycle of life is never permanent, our modern society clings to life and lives in constant fear of death. There is nothing to fear out here, when we begin to understand our kindred relationship with nature the eternal, we will chuckle at the unnecessary, wasted energy we put into fearing the inevitable.

CultFit Beans

As my mind returns to the present moment, We have lost so much of ourselves running/cycling toward fruitless dreams. The intuitive gifts we once cherished in our youth have all but disappeared under the illusion of material gain, a race medal, t-shirt, finish line Vine video. Our once blessed and sacred connection with nature and with all life has been weakened almost beyond repair. As people litter the side of the road with empty liquor bottles, garbage, their unwanted McDonald’s sack, they remain completely unaware of the damaging and lasting effect their actions hold.


Let’s face it, it’s not cool in today’s world to admit we are but children of this amazing planet. Born out of nature, each day the sun rises we are graciously given the opportunity to experience the beauty within her. Every moment is a gift, especially while riding a bike, grinding gravel in Nebraska.

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