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You are stronger than you know-

A sincere heartfelt Thank You to all of you! Have a beautiful weekend and please take care!

(El) Perro

The wheels hummed lullabies on the liquorice road-

A little challenge to start the weekend off right: Limber your lips up, and hum your favorite song for the next 30 seconds Now don’t you feel better? In fact, there’s no better way to calm your mind and boost your spirits than by humming a happy tune.

Are your lips, heart and spirit ready to go? Cool

Pausing for a moment to consider how humming plays a role in meditation practice  I’ll share just one quick example: “Some” yoga folks use a breathing technique called brahmari or “the bee breath.” In essence, the brahmari technique involves taking a series of slow, deep breaths through the nose with tightly sealed lips. On each exhalation, you make a humming sound similar to a bee buzzing about in a midlands prairie.

Daily Meditation:

For whatever reason, I deeply enjoy humming the occasional tune. Humming (the brahmari technique) is a gentle, calming method to settle our mind(s) and an a soothing way to relieve stress. Little did I know that a seemingly frivolous, cheeky activity may turn out to have some tangible daily benefits. In addition, who would had ever thought that Hall & Oates would help me center my mind?!?

Take care this weekend and please be well!

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Les Éventails, Portraits of Passion

The shadows of birds fading on a fighter’s back

The undressing of words on an unstamped postcard

The wet swings in the distant park

The jealousy of raindrops on the umbrella of lovers

The laughter of a boy before a bird

The song of two flutes, two swords, two bracelets, two fingers

The stare of a wave before a pearl

The yearning between the legs of a farmer’s wife

The opening of doors             closing midday

The sudden howling of our muse—and

les éventails—disturbing the guest inside of us

– Nathalie Handal

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Personas Bastante Fresco

Mankind’s biggest blunder, ignorance. Mankind’s second, infallible-

To all of my Kind, Caring and Passionate readers … Thank you for your continued support of this CultFit thing!

Stay pure friends and be well this evening!

Can you hear my heart?!?

Take You Higher

Many people don’t realize the connection between music and literature and I’m here to tell them that it does exist-

**The healing arts, for the purpose of a simple, down to earth classification (I’m a simple dude), consist of three critical parts: Energetic Healing, Physical Healing, and Spiritual Healing. Even though the classifications are necessary for a systematic(this blog-o-thing is anything but systematic) investigation, each healing tradition interweaves and interacts with the other three parts. Purpose of this preface: The healing arts are not an isolated act in our lives. Some would go on to say they are the pure interactions between people, the earth and spirit.**

While some of us are still recovering from a recent yoga class, marathon or triathlon. Many more of us are wounded from life, a lost loved one and the Red Wings making the playoffs. These difficult experiences develop our unique preferences and deeply connect us to other beautiful people (all of you reading today) exuding a common struggle, a sense of hope amongst us. One profound and really cool aspect is that we do not need any particular musical or artistic ability to benefit from the healing arts.

Let’s get a little personal for a bit, we’re all adults here …

Our spiritual healing requires harmonizing a few of the aspects of being “human”: Each one of us has been gifted with the ability to experience and create whatever we like. The arts help us to channel our personal exploration through self-expression or delving into one’s spiritual agony with listening and seeing. Many of you may not truly understand how powerful your written word is! Self-expression scratches beneath the surface, revealing the sources of our personal struggles and hardship. It’s through this process of examining who or what situations spark spiritual discomfort. We discover the hindrances of wellness (think about this thought …). The arts provide a vital resource to avoid or manage such triggers in the very near future.

Creating a new masterpiece transforms your inner pain, awkwardness, into something tangible. Something you can physically separate from your mind and sink your teeth into. Everyday hopes and fears can be transcribed to the world … Feelings we shouldn’t be ashamed of and suffocated as we awaken today.


Celebrate you, through your creativity today. What better way to start the healing process?!?

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