Out : Sick :

The reason many people in our society are miserable, sick, and highly stressed is because of an unhealthy attachment to things they have no control over-

Gripped by the harsh reality of being diagnosed with the flu this past Friday I, along with many of you reading at home, are going through the tedious stages of not being able to do what we love to do.

I am in denial Surely these pesky symptoms will subside rather quickly, just like they have in the past. I am angry at myself this morning: This is a definitely a setback and an attack on my personal well-being. Thinking out-loud to myself as I rolled out of bed sore and stiff: If I could attend yoga class before work and get it out-of-the-way while I still have some energy? I would truly be one step closer to becoming healthier. Finally Dear Readers, I was depressed at the thought of not being able to do what I love to do.

Daily Mediation:

The flu, injuries, and the everyday occurrences of “life” do not reveal our best sides. Although, maybe the absence of compassion and kindness is adding insult to injury?

CultFit Compassion


Trying to remember you
is like carrying water
in my hands a long distance
across sand. Somewhere people are waiting.
They have drunk nothing for days.

Your name was the food I lived on;
now my mouth is full of dirt and ash.
To say your name was to be surrounded
by feathers and silk; now, reaching out,
I touch glass and barbed wire.
Your name was the thread connecting my life;
now I am fragments on a tailor’s floor.

I was dancing when I
learned of your death; may
my feet be severed from my body.

Stephen Dobyns

CultFit Winter Wheat


Hard to say what’s right when all I wanna do is wrong-

Who doesn’t like planning? Planning workouts for the week, running events for the coming month, yoga class flow, playlist for cardio kick boxing class. It should come as no surprise to hear that “planning” is generally a good “thing” to do

This is the point in our lovely post this evening when I tell you that all our grandiose plans are pretty much useless.

How so?” Most of our plans and goals are not structured in a way that makes them effective if life, “things” go sideways for a spell.

If and Will plans, on the other hand, I have found to be extremely effective to staying the course and making them is an extremely empowering tool to helping you achieve your goal(s).

The trick is deciding well in advance when and where you will the take steps to achieving your goal. Quick example: “If I am falling behind on my training, I Will choose to schedule the  time to train.”


When it comes to reaching your goals, because you will reach them – avoiding temptation is critical, focusing on replacing bad habits with good ones, rather than focusing only on the bad habits themselves is vitally important.

Ask yourself the next time things start to go sideways, What will I do to get back on track!?!

CultFit Good Plan

Artificial White

Love is the absence of judgment-

Do you Need to do __________ or do you Love to do __________?

To be fully free is to live in blissful happiness, daily. Full freedom creates the space for every happy experience to creep in. The  punishment (<— Key Word) that we can subject ourselves to, is the withholding of our unconditional love.

CultFit Smile

Unconditional love never withdraws itself, this is what loving fully means. One does not have to practice what one is … Just be yourself.  Love learns over time to let go. Have you ever thought about how much energy and effort it takes to hold a grudge, to be angry at a friend or loved one?

What we call Need is often confused with Love. Need holds on, Need has a firm grasp on so many of us.  There is a rather clever way to tell the difference between Need and Love: Love let’s go, Love sets your mind free and places your heart at ease. Need on the other hand, never let’s go.

Let go of your expectations, for today, let go of the requirements, the so-called “rules” and regulations that you would otherwise impose on yourself and others …

The Workout-

A Walk in fresh snow, listen to your breathing, the sound of surrendering snow under foot.  Watch your breath as you walk long … Walking Meditation, Bliss.

CultFit England


Remember: Choices are not restrictions. Nurture, Love or Punishment?!?  Bundle up and be well.

Much Respect His Dark Side

CultFit That

Autumns Evening Breeze

A person who passes his days without donations and enjoyments is like a blacksmith’s bellows, he breathes but does not live-

**CAUTION- Where do we begin?  The post you are about to read has been chopped, diced and pureed into the fine mess below.  The topic at hand is very profound and wide-ranging however it is vitally important to understand.  Actually this post was part of a much larger project we are working on: A book, with real pages if you can believe that!?!  Then we had an epiphany:   Unless we reclaim our virginity and dreamed that we are being wined, dined, spanked and teased?  No one would buy our book anyways, Holy Crap!!!**

Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, The local co-op.  We all live in this “Shell” of an existence thinking that what we consume is akin to organic food for our souls, which is conveniently grown and consumed by people who have a deep respect for themselves and living a healthy life.  Maybe you are one of these people?

Sadly what most of us are consuming daily is fast food for our souls: X-Factor, TMZ, iAnythings, The Facebook, WordPress and the latest, juiciest gossip from our friends (the list is never-ending).  Fast food for our souls is tasty and addictive, finger licking good to be exact!

Pop quiz Hot Shot:  Does your daily lifestyle provide real “nourishment for your soul?   When we look around us at work, at the Box or Gym and even in the mirror?  What we see and process is:  Regular folks, peeps- starving for real sustenance in their lives.

Is the diet/food you consume daily dense?  Is your workout program you struggle with dense?  Is your highly addictive social media diet, dense?

What happens when we replace water with Mountain Dew, Green Tea for an eggnog  latte?  What happens when we replace the simple pleasure of reading with our kids, enjoying conversation with a dear friend?  With an evening filled of Pinning Crap and Instagraming Sh!t?  The answers should be  self-evident peeps.  Yet, as the moon sets tonight and the sun arises tomorrow … We will continue gorging ourselves with our fast food diet, without ever realizing that it very well may be slowly killing each and every one of us.

The Plan-

The Workout-

**Before you begin the Program today passionately follow these steps, you will be amazed at the difference in your workout/mood.  Also, feel free to follow these steps before your very own program!**

In no particular order focus on the following:

Mind your feet while you’re getting ready this morning and during your Warm Up.
Mind your chair while you’re typing away at work.
When putting on your running/workout shoes?  Try and put on the one you usually put on last, first.
Drink your tea without sugar if you’re used to sugar in your tea. If you’re used to not using sugar, just once put some sugar in your tea (or coffee).  Leave the water bottle in the car while you work out.  Become aware of the patterns in your life, they are extremely hard to break!
When you have to wait for something (Starbucks, Queue at the store, Waiting for a machine) breathe consciously, five deep breaths.
Take notice, right now.  Where you are.  Take a deep breath … Notice five things you can see.  Notice five things you can hear, notice five things you can feel.  Followed by:

Happy Hips Warm Up is in full effect and comes highly recommended by our kind staff!  Followed by:

Overhead Walking Lunge (pick a distance as steps do not count today)
15 Broad Jumps

How many sets/time is up to you!  If we told you ten or thirty minutes?  You would kill yourself trying to reach this mystical number, oh wait … That’s kinda what we do already isn’t it?!?


If you are looking for answers to the questions above?  Look elsewhere as we do not have them for you.  The answers you seek reside deep inside you somewhere.  Feel free to crack open a bottle of wine and talk about these questions and more with your friends and family this weekend (preferably in real life – face to face) … Make the moments you spend together, Dense.  ENJOY!!!