Thursday 12 April 2012

No one man can, for any considerable time, wear one face to himself, and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which is the true one-

Thursdays never seem to arrive quick enough during the week, do they?  There are a million other things to do on any other ordinary Thursday.  Sometimes we like to compare the ingredients in organic brown rice?  Other times there is a Arnica Oil on the market that simply sounds too good to be true.  In the end we consider Thursdays a time to step back and reflect on all the amazing things happening around us…You know what?  It’s “Best Caption Wins Something” time:

The Plan-

The Workout-

Your choice…Either a nice refreshing Rest Day or one of our fave workouts pulled from our “Don’t Stop, Don’t Puke” series here at CultFit HQ?

If you choose the workout?  Well, it’s not much of a workout but rather a nasty little test we like to do from time to time to chart progress amongst our dear followers.

Today’s Top Tip for aspiring fitness albóndigas:  You can learn more watching someone walk and performing a plank than you can HSPU’s or prone running.

The Test:  Hinge Walk Out to a High Push Up Plank…Feet together, Hinge, Walk your Hands out to a High Plank Position, Head in a neutral position and actively pushing through the floor with your delicate little hands.

Anything less than three minutes and you fail our test.  There is no amount of crunches, ab mat situp’s, yoga, core blast, 6 weeks to a 6 pack routines you can do to prepare for this today.

If at anytime you lose stability in your upper body, STOP.  If your hips drop, STOP.  If you start building tension in your neck, STOP!!!  If you seriously want to mess yo self up disregard the previous notes!?!

Hinge, Walkout, High Plank…How hard could it be?


By all means give our test a go and see where you stand.  Some glaring weaknesses will present themselves after 30 seconds…Most importantly do this safely and ENJOY!!!

Thursday 29 March 2012

Sweet are the uses of adversity, Which like the toad, ugly and venomous, Wears yet a precious jewel in his head-

What better way to celebrate this bright sunny morning after a grueling program yesterday?  Why with a Rest Day of course served up nicely this morning with a dash of “Best Caption to the Picture Wins Something”:

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day…Quite Meditation always does the body good, so we have been told?!?


Take the time today to step back, take a deep cleansing breath and relax.  Most importantly be safe today and ENJOY!!!

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Intelligence is over rated.  80% of life is all about dumb endurance-

How did the balance on one leg thingy work out yesterday?  It’s cool…Quick question?  When was the last time you talked about aponeuroses with your weekend qualified personal trainer?  We’re just curious…POP QUIZ TIME!!! 

First peep to chime in wins some sweet goodies from Grandma Gertrude’s kitchen(no they are not paleo friendly)!  For the goobers out there reading on the couch…These questions relate to the human body…

  1. Give an example of a First Class Lever (just nod your head like you know whats going on…)
  2. Give an example of a Second Class Lever
  3. Give an example of a Third Class Lever
  4. Name the three types of joints in the human body
  5. What are Newton’s Three Laws of Motion?

Hmm it appears that good things come in 3’s?  Interesting…

That’s enough science content for today and from our basic non clichéd point of view?  Enough to get you interested in how you move…This blog is more about you (reader) than us here typing away aimlessly.  Do you want to travel down the vector mathematics path?  Or, keep it light, pithy and fresh?  Post a comment about where you want this to go?

The Plan-

The Workout-

Everything we do today is 85-90% effort, got it!

30 Hard Style KB Swings

Sprint (however far you want) Out and Back

30 Perfect Push Ups

Backward Run (run is used lightly…use your head and be safe!) Out and Back

10 Perfect Dead Hang Pull Ups

Side Step (quick feet) Out and Back

We normally dislike using time as a tool in a workout due to the fact peeps will do some patently idiotic things in its name.  Having said that cap this program today at 30 minutes…


We have some CultFit Team members heading to the Olympics!!!  Say hello to Ms. Holley Mangold (USA Weightlifting) today and wish her the best in her training and bring home some hardware (and a good curry) from London!!!  Be safe today peeps, ENJOY!!!

Thursday 1 March 2012

With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably-

Welcome to debauchery Thursday here in the CultFit V.I.P lounge.  Feel free to kick off your vibrams and ease into the plush purple velvety love sac over here by the warm glow of the fire.  You did it again yesterday didn’t you?  The old Kummerspeck grabbed right-a-hold of you this time!  Known as surfeit to some around these parts…Oh well one of our favorite past times here is partaking in a little Gadrii Nombor Shulen Jongu.  It always helps to keep the banter pithy and fresh.

The Plan-

How To Get Fitness Classes For Free (Like here at CultFit)

Uncle Mortis is finally back from his running vacation in Mexico prepping for the Q50 Costa Rica in May and he would like blurt out a few things that have been upsetting him of late:

“First before I begin, I accept all of your apologies in advance.  Now allow me to pontificate…”

Why do you have a 13.1 or 26.2 sticker in your car window?  No one cares about the 4hr marathon you ran…While I’m at it who cares about your stick figure family as well?!?

Why is it when you search “Olympic Lifting” or “kettle Bell” all you get is CrossFit crap?  Hello, the Olympics are right around the corner!

Can I go to the park with the kiddos and a set of rings and not be interrupted by Random Fitness apes?

Since when is wearing a shiny new pair of Inov-Eights an invitation for you to talk to me?

Peeps in Latin America do it right with their license plates.  As in no one has lame ass vanity plates!

…Our sincere apologies peeps!  Yet another reason why we don’t let Uncle Mortis near a computer.  Where were we today?

The Workout-

Rest Day

Don’t forget about breathing though!


Thanks for letting us waste your precious time today.  We had a chat with Uncle Mortis about feelings and sensitivity.  He still does not care…anyways have a great healthy day and ENJOY!!!

Thursday 19 January 2012

It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise-

If you have to think about this next question…we’ll be sure to say a quick prayer for you later this evening.  Can you remember the exact moment the last time you smiled while working out?

An honest smile, like seeing a newborn kiddo or the first time little dude rides his bike without training wheels?  Not LolCat or some lame ass MeMe stuff you dug up in the bathroom this morning.

Entertain this thought today as you go about your daily Random Fitness routine:  Exercise as you would play.

The Plan-

CultFit HQ Motivation:

Nicely done!

 Pintrest-Fitness Motivation:

Nice, at what cost?

Our Science and Advanced Quantum Research Lab here at CultFit HQ looks at it this way when it comes to motivation, desire, passion, pleasure.  The more you look at and pull your motivations from others the less desire you actually develop and foster within yourself.  We have a behavioral addiction support peep on staff if you care to opine?

Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow

The Workout-

Rest Day

We are taking a moment today to step outside ourselves, step back and look at the big picture.  At what price would you pay to look your best now only to be crippled and bed ridden later in life?  Not saying that is going to happen to you, so step back.  It may happen and if it does…What will you do?


Thank you to all of you that took a few precious seconds away from checking your Facebook status to send us a kind email about the topic yesterday.  We understand it was painful, we honestly do.  And because we like to kick the hornet’s nest from time to time.  We have this to ask of you:  If you have to use social media to justify your existence in the world today?  Does that mean you are a Slacktivist?