Black Friday Special

The present moment dies every moment to become the past, is reborn every moment into the future. All experience is now. Now never ends-

**Our Rant continued from Monday’s post**

Most people probably think they already know all they need to know about people who give diet advice, but we have some new information to bring to light.

Allow us to get to the crux of the matter: If people who give diet advice were allowed to blitz media outlets with Facebook updates and Tweets that highlight the good points of their brain-damaged orations, their actions alone could spell the wholesale destruction of countless lives.  The only rational response to this looming threat is for all of us to tell the truth about people who give diet advice.  To be more specific, we can no longer get very excited about any revelation of their hypocrisy or crookedness.  It’s what we’ve come to expect by now.  The trouble with such rummy leguleians is that they intend to dispense outright misinformation and flashlight-under-the-chin ghost stories.  People who give diet advice clings to interdenominationalism like a drowning man clings to a life-preserver.  And that’s why we say to you: Have courage.  Be honest.  And put to rest humorless and saturnine sottises such as people who give diet advice.  That’s the patriotic thing to do, and that’s the right thing to do.  Since we don’t have anything more to say on that subject,  we’ll politely get off our soapbox now.

The Plan-

‘Merica this morning around 4am:

The Workout-

Let’s go our of our way to do something totally different from the norm.  If you have snow underfoot?  Cross-Country Skiing + Snow Shoeing.  If your partner drags you to their gym?  Pick up some Weights and move them around?  If you are taking pictures of your post Thanksgiving dinner … Head to a local pool for a Swim.  Thanking caps peeps and get creative!?!

We went for a Swim


Have a great weekend and ENJOY!!!

Slippin’ Around

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air-

It’s that time of the week again peeps.  What could be worse than getting injured while running, biking and well?  Swimming of course!  Calm down now killer, we’re just kidding … A dose of inspiration is in order.

Running For Love

*A Selfless Act

Love Between Man and Machine

First Shot at Mountain Biking

*Rock Climber Reaches New Heights

Blind Woman Climbs

Sunday Morning Swim

Teen’s 49 Day Hike

From Mexico to Canada-Land – Eh

Walking With Purpose

101 years old and still rocking a solid 5k!!!  Fauja Singh remains one of our purest and most inspiring peeps!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day …

Most of us have been out and about all Summer toodling along in one fashion or another.  Today, let’s keep our iThingy at home along with our other gadgets.  A simple memorable Walk is all that we ask.  Walk your favorite trail, road or path.  Keep your head up and your eyes engaged on the pleasant surprises you have been blindly going past all Summer.


If this post gets 100 likes we’ll do whatever the first comment after 100 says to do.  Game on peeps ENJOY!?!

**We are dead serious!  Let’s have some fun today …**

Tuesday 17 April 2012

In silence, in gossip, in humor, in music, So also in love, in bravery and victory; In all these and more does Man seek peace and joy.  But happiness is within the soul-

This may come as a surprise to some of you reading this morning that, Yes there is a kinder gentler side here at CultFit.  Over the past few years “our” clients detached from the inter-webz and social media have taken part in a rather old-fashioned means of communication, postcards!  And finally due to much coaxing from these other member’s we have decided to present it to you!

Random Motivational Postcards for One Year!!! (Must clicky on this one!!!)

Miraculously you can actually feel and hold a postcard, pick it up and flick it around.  You can even put them in the spokes on your new $2500 bike that was ridden once last year.  All kidding aside this is pretty cool in our book and helps out a few people in a tough spot either in training or getting motivated to run a marathon for the first time.  If you feel like this is something you would like or would like to share with a friend or family member?  Please take the time to pass it on!!!

**1976…Hmm.  Sums up our lives today pretty well?!?  The fun starts at 1:35…**

The Plan-

The Workout-

As we start to spend more time outdoors this spring take the time to look around you for some ladybugs!  Our good mates at the Lost Ladybug Project desperately need each and every one of you reading today to help out.  Face it, you never leave the house without your iThingy to take precious little photos of yourself after a hard 2 mile run…How about not worrying about your image for a bit and looking around yourself for some friendly little critters!?!

Warm Up Thoroughly and certainly Not For Time…

Pulled from the “Honest Effort” archives here at CultFit HQ:

75-80% Max Effort Hill Sprints followed by:

20 Perfect Push Ups (At the top before you head back down)

By all means feel free to play with the rep range with the Push Ups.  Meaning, ideally we would like 200-300 Push Ups today although that is a lot of hill sprints.  Try to find a balance this morning that works for you and pushes you a tad…As an example:  Sister Mel performed 10 Hill Sprints and 30 Perfect Push Ups…


The Lost Ladybug Project is super-duper importante to us here and we implore you to help out!  Be safe today during the program and by all means ENJOY!!!

Thursday 29 March 2012

Sweet are the uses of adversity, Which like the toad, ugly and venomous, Wears yet a precious jewel in his head-

What better way to celebrate this bright sunny morning after a grueling program yesterday?  Why with a Rest Day of course served up nicely this morning with a dash of “Best Caption to the Picture Wins Something”:

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day…Quite Meditation always does the body good, so we have been told?!?


Take the time today to step back, take a deep cleansing breath and relax.  Most importantly be safe today and ENJOY!!!

Friday 23 March 2012

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind, than in the one where they sprung up

Quick video to cheer you up this morning and to set the proverbial mood around here:

How do you follow-up a great video like the one above?  We’ll with a pool side chat about kinesiophobia, that’s how you do it!  Fire up the Google Machine and read up a bit on wiki-i-know-everything-for ten-minutes…Done?!?

Cool were not going to talk about that anyways as our Crack Webz Research Team has chimed in with the following information:  “Why do I have to worry about the psychological factors that influence my injury rehab?  Shit Son I just ignore all the damn pain anyways!”  Just nod your head and keep reading on…(10 to 1 odds if you can find another blog-piece about kinesiophobia on the webz today!)

Its time to have a heart to heart:  You are not an athlete, truly gifted in your specific sport.  Our research shows that less than .10% of the population in the Milky Way fall into the “exceptionally good and get paid to do it” crowd.   You are an excellent mother/daughter and excellent father/son- definitely!  A weekend warrior?  Someone who pursues albeit nobly, misguided athletic pursuits?  Sadly yes.  “What in the heck is going on here today?”  Consider this:  On this blog-o-thing here last week alone 10000+ peeps wasted 4.45 minutes of their lives trying pull a few tidbits of information to use to better themselves as an athlete for that particular weekend. Four people realized that there is more to life…Our lives are fleeting: You are born and you will die someday.  The path between points A and B is so exciting and fulfilling, enjoy it.

Recoil in horror if you like and start beating the dog with a newspaper.  If we take time to zoom way-way out on our lives the time we spend worrying about prone running and Spartan Warrior Dashes become trivial, minute to some…not to others.  We like to think that if we zoomed out on your life we would see a big broad and pure smile from points A to B?  Not a broken body, empty containers of coconut water and race bibs.

There is a reason for our mindless rambling on this fine crisp morning…Next week sometime we will have written our 300th post.  What started as a small team of like-minded individuals sharing the simple pleasures of enjoying your family and being active has grown considerably over the past year.  We have stated before there are a wide range of peeps around here who share personal stories and hard-earned wisdom from day to day…We are self-proclaimed masters in the fine art of Tautology.  In one form or another this truism stands true:  You are enough.

The Plan-

Top Tip:  This is free and you’re welcome!?!

This wraps up our squatting coverage for the year!  Thanks for reading.

The Workout-

Remember what we spoke briefly about on Monday?  Good let’s get to work…

Trail Run/Swim/Hike/Bike/Walk…Not quickly but thoroughly Warm Up today.

Take 30 or so minutes to WORK UP to a one rep max Turkish Get Up (use your head here peeps – not as a place to drop the weight either!)

Trail Run/Swim/Hike/Bike/Walk…With Conviction and Purpose for however long you like.


Thank you for reading and stopping by for a moment.  The message presented today is vitally important to us here and hopefully you may be able to take something from it.  Explaining to your 7-year-old Son that you can’t play catch due to the fact that your close minded, harsh abuse to your body (all in the pursuit of some “vain” race bib) has left you crippled?!?  No way to live life A to B…Rest up this weekend, be safe and ENJOY!!!