Thursday 19 January 2012

It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise-

If you have to think about this next question…we’ll be sure to say a quick prayer for you later this evening.  Can you remember the exact moment the last time you smiled while working out?

An honest smile, like seeing a newborn kiddo or the first time little dude rides his bike without training wheels?  Not LolCat or some lame ass MeMe stuff you dug up in the bathroom this morning.

Entertain this thought today as you go about your daily Random Fitness routine:  Exercise as you would play.

The Plan-

CultFit HQ Motivation:

Nicely done!

 Pintrest-Fitness Motivation:

Nice, at what cost?

Our Science and Advanced Quantum Research Lab here at CultFit HQ looks at it this way when it comes to motivation, desire, passion, pleasure.  The more you look at and pull your motivations from others the less desire you actually develop and foster within yourself.  We have a behavioral addiction support peep on staff if you care to opine?

Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow

The Workout-

Rest Day

We are taking a moment today to step outside ourselves, step back and look at the big picture.  At what price would you pay to look your best now only to be crippled and bed ridden later in life?  Not saying that is going to happen to you, so step back.  It may happen and if it does…What will you do?


Thank you to all of you that took a few precious seconds away from checking your Facebook status to send us a kind email about the topic yesterday.  We understand it was painful, we honestly do.  And because we like to kick the hornet’s nest from time to time.  We have this to ask of you:  If you have to use social media to justify your existence in the world today?  Does that mean you are a Slacktivist?


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  1. you KNOW i love y’all here at cult fit…

    you’ve been awarded “the versatile blogger award” come check it out:

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