Tuesday 6 March 2012

Intelligence is over rated.  80% of life is all about dumb endurance-

How did the balance on one leg thingy work out yesterday?  It’s cool…Quick question?  When was the last time you talked about aponeuroses with your weekend qualified personal trainer?  We’re just curious…POP QUIZ TIME!!! 

First peep to chime in wins some sweet goodies from Grandma Gertrude’s kitchen(no they are not paleo friendly)!  For the goobers out there reading on the couch…These questions relate to the human body…

  1. Give an example of a First Class Lever (just nod your head like you know whats going on…)
  2. Give an example of a Second Class Lever
  3. Give an example of a Third Class Lever
  4. Name the three types of joints in the human body
  5. What are Newton’s Three Laws of Motion?

Hmm it appears that good things come in 3’s?  Interesting…

That’s enough science content for today and from our basic non clichéd point of view?  Enough to get you interested in how you move…This blog is more about you (reader) than us here typing away aimlessly.  Do you want to travel down the vector mathematics path?  Or, keep it light, pithy and fresh?  Post a comment about where you want this to go?

The Plan-

The Workout-

Everything we do today is 85-90% effort, got it!

30 Hard Style KB Swings

Sprint (however far you want) Out and Back

30 Perfect Push Ups

Backward Run (run is used lightly…use your head and be safe!) Out and Back

10 Perfect Dead Hang Pull Ups

Side Step (quick feet) Out and Back

We normally dislike using time as a tool in a workout due to the fact peeps will do some patently idiotic things in its name.  Having said that cap this program today at 30 minutes…


We have some CultFit Team members heading to the Olympics!!!  Say hello to Ms. Holley Mangold (USA Weightlifting) today and wish her the best in her training and bring home some hardware (and a good curry) from London!!!  Be safe today peeps, ENJOY!!!

10 Comments on “Tuesday 6 March 2012”

  1. graceyb says:

    I love quizzes!
    1st class lever — see saw
    2nd class lever — wheel barrow
    3rd class lever — catapult

    3 types of joints
    fibrous (immovable)
    cartilaginous (partially moveable)
    synovial (freely movable)

    Newtons laws of motion

    • CultFit says:

      Hey good job! No use of the Google machine we hope?!?
      How would you relate the lever question(s) to how your body moves? We gave you a hint on the first one…Awesome job again and some yummy treats are on the way to you!!!

  2. AlyssTG says:

    That’s amazing about Holly! Good for her – she’s one strong woman for sure! Congrats!

  3. Love that Elevator button photo. That should be everywhere! Take the stairs people 🙂

  4. The Olympics? Awesome!

  5. 1st class lever: Skull – extension against resistance with the spine as the fulcrum
    2nd class lever: plantarflexion against resistance with the ball of the foot as the fulcrum
    3rd class lever: Biceps—elbow flexion against resistance with the elbow as the fulcrum

    3 types of joints
    partially movable
    freely movable

    Newton’s Laws
    Acceleration: Force=Mass X Acceleration
    Action & Reaction

  6. Live Lift Run says:

    Glad Holley is going to the Olympics. I watched her TureLife on MTV a few weeks ago and was curious for an update! So glad to see her kicking a** out there!

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