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Priusquam disceret scire oportet discat ac dediscat priusquam sciat oportet scire-

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What if we told you that practicing mindfulness is important?  More important than running and updating your Facebook status after said run (come on – you know you do it)?!?  Here’s the deal Hot Shot:  Practicing mindfulness IS more important than running, maybe now you are more likely to remember to do it … Before, during and after you run (Runners are easy to agitate so feel free to insert something you enjoy more than running as an example).

Some of you have noticed the trend around here of late.  The trend being that the key to practicing mindfulness is to simply practice focusing your attention onto ONE  (<— Key word) direct sense, and to practice this often, like right now.   Can you feel your right index finger clicking away on your worn out mouse?  There are many ways you can practice mindfulness: While eating at a quaint curbside cafe, walking Fido after dinner, talking to your little ones at the park.  You can practice mindfulness doing just about anything really (the exception is using Instagram of course).

Cassini Solstice Mission  <— Totally Worth Your Time!!!

in Plan-

in Exercitium-

Rest Day … Time to awaken our senses with a flowing सूर्य नमस्कार series and some ruminative thinking about the day ahead of us.


Explore your mind … Frui!!!


That Which We Perceive

Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily-

Thank you for reading on this lovely Friday morning, let’s cherish this moment together.  Cool, that was pretty fun!  Allow us to suck the joy out of your day …

How many times have you heard (or read) that the route to success in life is to follow your passion?  The problem with this thinking (in our early years) is that our true passion may not become clear to us until later in our lives. Truth be told, our passions are shifting all the time: Remember your first romance?  Might we suggest following your god given talent, or aptitude?  Case in point:  If your passion since childhood is to be a gymnast (or anything else – think broadly here), but you can’t brush and floss your teeth without falling over?  Chances are then you will not become very skilled on the balance beam, sorry.

The “trick” is to find something you deeply love and are fairly good at, something that with the right amount of hard work, drive and effort you can flourish in. Basically, if you love running?  Take the time to find your greatest strength … Somewhere is there lies your true passion.

The Plan-

The Workout-

Let’s take our shoes off and go for a brisk Walk … A little Balance Beam Work and some Climbing.  Followed by:

Our “SignatureFarmers Walk Medley.

54m Heavy Farmers Walk (out and back)

54m One Arm Farmers Walk (out and back)

54m Heartbeat Walk (54 Heart – Beats, out and back)

54m Waiters Walk (One Arm out and back)

54m Piston Press (HEAVY, out and back)

54 HEAVY Goblet Squats + 54 Perfect Push Ups

**RINSE and REPEAT (if you are up to it) and feel free to mess about with the distance – reps**


Deep breath, focus and pour our heart and soul into who WE are, right NOW … ENJOY!!!

End of the Day

Greet everyone you meet with a warm smile, no matter how busy you are.
Don’t rush encounters with coworkers, family and friends.
Speak softly. Listen attentively.
Act as if every conversation you have is the most important thing on your mind today.
Look your children and your partner in the eyes when they talk to you.
Stroke the cat, caress the dog.
Lavish love on every living being you meet.
See how different you feel at the end of the day.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

The Plan-

Be sure to head over and say hello to Mike Stimpson, the holidays are right around the corner and his work would make a spiffy gift for that special goober in your life?!?

The Workout-

From our classic Signature series here at the palatial CultFit confines.  A flowing Warm Up of your choosing followed by:

200m Sprint (embody the word Sprint!)
20 Perfect Push Ups
30 Hard Style Kettlebell Swings


Apologies once again for being completely all over the place this week.  Be well today and let’s remember  the simple words at the top before we begin our weekend … ENJOY!!!

Thomas Edison es un Gilipollas. Segunda Parte …

Electricity is really just organized lightning-

Come to order!  Quite down now peeps!  Seriously, hush up so we can get down to business on this beautiful Thursday morning.

Our first order of business today is to recognize Sal from Mammoth Caves, Kentucky for recognizing the humor behind “Frogballs, Arkansas“.  The rest of you should be ashamed and while you’re at it … Put on your great shame faces for the rest of the morning.

The second order of business is to painstaking point out yet again that hipsters are taking over the world!  The Fairdale Dograck, peeps!?!  So apparently embarrassing the ever-living hell out of your little buddy is cool?  For our amusement will someone today try to formulate a solid argument as to why this pet rack is even needed?  We have a dude here at CultFit who uses an old Burley D’Lite Kid Kart for his bike to chauffeur Old Bailey around.  The kids have outgrown it, Bailey is getting old and wait for it … It’s damn comfortable!!!  Plus Bailey can bring a mate along while protecting the ice-cold beer!  Hipster bike pet rack:  This Dear Reader is the Sign of the Apocalypse!!!

Finally and we are dead nuts serious about this.  Rarely, if ever do we use this platform to twist your arm into action.  We’re all adults and you are free to do what you please.

Remember when we last spoke about this dashing, fine young man:

If not read up HERE.

Peeps, our dear friend The Oatmeal(<–Must Clicky!!!) is heading up a spirited effort to purchase the land where the Wardenclyffe Tower once stood.  There is no museum in the United States dedicated to Nikola Tesla and we need your help!!!

To help support and build a goddamn Tesla Museum please click here:  Operation Let’s Build …

To read The Oatmeal and his thoughts about this amazing project:  Help Me raise …

For what its worth: We put all of our kids tuition money into supporting this project!!!  Oh and Thomas Edison is a douche bag!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … Some Self Reiki and Quiet Meditation.

This is why ‘Merica and in particular, Wyoming is the place to be to watch the  Perseid meteor shower.


We are stoked at the thought of a Tesla Museum being built here in ‘Merica.  Any help you guys can toss in is much appreciated!  Even if its only sharing with a friend or getting this message out to a wider audience.  Any and all help is better than none at all!!!  Have a splendid day today peeps and ENJOY!!!

Shooting The Breeze …

To a philosopher all news, as it is called, is gossip, and they who edit and read it are old women over their tea-

Comment Moderation- Off

Lavender Tea- Steeping

Rawtella Mint (Canada’s gift to the world)- Almost finished!!!

Ctrl+T- Foxy Proxy ready and the BBC Olympic coverage is a go!

What better way to enjoy a Thursday than spending it with you!!!  We’re Shooting the Breeze here at CultFit HQ today and the floor is yours to do as you please.  Someone – Something pissing you off and you need to vent?  Let it go and purge your thoughts!  Wanna discuss your mock draft for the upcoming NFL fantasy draft?  Let’s do it!  Feel like breaking down the mechanics and movement patterns of female field hockey players (Ja Ja Perv … )?  We can discuss this and so much more today with your help.  Don’t be a hater or stranger this morning, no topic if off-limits … Just Shooting the Breeze.

To get this thing started you may have noticed some of the videos we have posted lately are not working so well.  That’s because the IOC and its copyright mafia are ELITE Douche Bags!!!  Just like Juan-Carlos Navarro …

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day …

Behdad Salimikordasiabi of Iran is a straight up beast.  Oh and he likes to pick up heavy things with grace.  Wish we could say that about some other ELITE fitness peeps?!?

Not For Time …

Lifting 545 Pounds Over His Head for Olympic Gold


What say you?  Feel free to Rant and Opine about anything you like!  Smile and ENJOY!!!