How About : You :

I left my youth behind me. It peddled the bicycle while I rode on the handlebars-

Get a car you ironically tattoo adorned, Lycra sporting hipster!!!” I remember these harsh words as though they were strewn upon me yesterday morning, instead of two months ago commuting to work on bike.

Was I shocked? Somewhat. I was simply making a right hand turn after stopping at a stop sign at 5am, when over my left shoulder, I was spewed vile hatred upon by some dude. I thought briefly about trying to catch up with him, and having a gentlemanly conversation. Instead, I simply put my head down and set a good pace up the next few hills that eagerly awaited me.

What worries my heart the most, is the need to make these flippant remarks in the first place. It makes me wonder about our current human nature and the impulse or desire to engage in this kind of behavior. The kind of behavior we witness online, where our words carry a great weight with little or no courage, to form a coherent and critical response.

Why does it bother someone if I ride to work on my bike? Have tattoos and practice yoga? Why do people feel the need to project hatred and vomit at every turn? Kindness and love have been cast ad acta, a relic of a bygone world. We live in a world now where a fussilade of hate awaits us around every corner in life.

Daily Meditation:

As we gently ease into March this coming weekend. The undercurrents of my posts will warm to the wonders that cycling and nature so kindly present us. I hope you tag along for the ride

CultFit Peace

Friday 20 April 2012

Bear some stress, bear some sorrows, Biding for time, quash some of your foes.  In this drama called life, always act mindfully; And revel within yourself-

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves on this fine morning a few questions are in order.  Are you addicted to over training and injuring yourself?  We know you don’t do it on purpose and repeatedly injuring yourself is unintentional, or is it?  What we are trying to discuss with you this morning is that the outcome of your self-injury often leaves a permanent mark on your life.  Whether or not your intentions were pure in the first place.

Do we dare tread the murky waters of the addiction stream today?  No, although the addiction you have to injuring yourself is eerily similar  to the release of your emotions.  Unlike talking to a friend, a running partner or your spouse about aggression, fear and self hate.  The tools you employ in injuring yourself while running, lifting and engaging in Extreme Fitness routines  give the reliable and predictable response you desire.  Your actions cannot fail you in the same ways the people in your life can.

Just as some prefer not to workout, to stay at home and cut themselves…To party too hard on the weekend, waking up in regret because of their actions the night before.  Are your actions not the same?  Which one is worse?

The Plan-

These women all 127.6lbs of them are truly Gifted and Exceptional athletes.  Their lives have been dedicated to lifting/sport and achieving at the highest possible levels within their respected discipline.  Did they watch a Reebok CrossFit commercial recently and just as quick as you can snap your fingers…Started to move around some serious weight?  Nope, not even close!  Is this video inspiring, yes!  Motivational, you bet!  An invitation to destroy yourself in the pursuit of who knows what, absolutely not!

The Workout-

Whew…Talk about building some tension in the room?  If you made it this far into the post, Congrats!  Time to roll up our sleeves to do some honest work…

Warm Up as you see fit into a thick, hardy lather and proceed with the following:

3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Perfect Pull Ups (Lengthen and Stretch, Nice even pulls, Change grip on each set) Alternating with…

45 Seconds of a High Push Up Plank and a Low Push Up Plank (Actively Push Away From the Floor, DO NOT Settle into these, PUSH!)  Pull Up/Plank…You get it?!?

Once you go through the above…

Whatever you choose to do as your Warm Up today, Redo it with passion and conviction!  Really get into it, safely!


An end to another long week is upon us and deservedly so in our book, we all deserve a little “me” time and rest.  Be safe this weekend and ENJOY!!!

Tuesday 17 April 2012

In silence, in gossip, in humor, in music, So also in love, in bravery and victory; In all these and more does Man seek peace and joy.  But happiness is within the soul-

This may come as a surprise to some of you reading this morning that, Yes there is a kinder gentler side here at CultFit.  Over the past few years “our” clients detached from the inter-webz and social media have taken part in a rather old-fashioned means of communication, postcards!  And finally due to much coaxing from these other member’s we have decided to present it to you!

Random Motivational Postcards for One Year!!! (Must clicky on this one!!!)

Miraculously you can actually feel and hold a postcard, pick it up and flick it around.  You can even put them in the spokes on your new $2500 bike that was ridden once last year.  All kidding aside this is pretty cool in our book and helps out a few people in a tough spot either in training or getting motivated to run a marathon for the first time.  If you feel like this is something you would like or would like to share with a friend or family member?  Please take the time to pass it on!!!

**1976…Hmm.  Sums up our lives today pretty well?!?  The fun starts at 1:35…**

The Plan-

The Workout-

As we start to spend more time outdoors this spring take the time to look around you for some ladybugs!  Our good mates at the Lost Ladybug Project desperately need each and every one of you reading today to help out.  Face it, you never leave the house without your iThingy to take precious little photos of yourself after a hard 2 mile run…How about not worrying about your image for a bit and looking around yourself for some friendly little critters!?!

Warm Up Thoroughly and certainly Not For Time…

Pulled from the “Honest Effort” archives here at CultFit HQ:

75-80% Max Effort Hill Sprints followed by:

20 Perfect Push Ups (At the top before you head back down)

By all means feel free to play with the rep range with the Push Ups.  Meaning, ideally we would like 200-300 Push Ups today although that is a lot of hill sprints.  Try to find a balance this morning that works for you and pushes you a tad…As an example:  Sister Mel performed 10 Hill Sprints and 30 Perfect Push Ups…


The Lost Ladybug Project is super-duper importante to us here and we implore you to help out!  Be safe today during the program and by all means ENJOY!!!