Don’t You Evah

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be-

Delicacy and intentioned outcome. Could we be talking about: Walking, Yoga, Breathing, Love, Playing with Lego’s? Possibly, let’s narrow our attention on meditation this morning. If meditation is so not cool enough for you? Feel free to empower yourself to change it to whatever you like.

Why meditation talk again? Well, you can do all of the above and more while meditating. Our thoughts shape our reality in ways we all too often take for granted (post from yesterday), the effectiveness of our meditation practice hinges upon our state of mind. Not getting the results you seek through meditation … Take a look at your attitude, paying attention to our attitudes towards meditation and how we meditate, is critical. Some attitudes are especially powerful in hindering the positive and beneficial effects of meditation: Vanity, Ego, Competition. Yet it seems that far too often we fall into these thought-patterns, resulting in us having a unfocused meditation experience with undesired results.

Be at ease, present in the moment

Meditating is not a marathon, warrior dash or whatever competition suites you the best. Meditation is one of those “things” in life where the quicker you try to get it done, the worse the outcome is (any other areas in life where this is true?). Slow down, relax and chill in a tranquil state of mind. No need to rush, study, read up on meditative techniques and time yourself in the act. Time, does not exist in a meditative state. The truly productive “things” in life take longer than a few moments to blossom.


I’m hoping the messages here are starting to settle in a bit, making you uncomfortable and vulnerable. Be forewarned: Friday’s post is going to pithy, rich and basically? It’s going to expose what we are all doing wrong in regards to health, fitness, whatever (clues are buried in the prior two weeks posts- FYI).

CultFit Focus Man

A Second Childhood

 When all my days are ending
And I have no song to sing,
I think that I shall not be too old
To stare at everything;
As I stared once at a nursery door
Or a tall tree and a swing.

Wherein God’s ponderous mercy hangs
On all my sins and me,
Because He does not take away
The terror from the tree
And stones still shine along the road
That are and cannot be.

Men grow too old for love, my love,
Men grow too old for wine,
But I shall not grow too old to see
Unearthly daylight shine,
Changing my chamber’s dust to snow
Till I doubt if it be mine.

Behold, the crowning mercies melt,
The first surprises stay;
And in my dross is dropped a gift
For which I dare not pray:
That a man grow used to grief and joy
But not to night and day.

Men grow too old for love, my love,
Men grow too old for lies;
But I shall not grow too old to see
Enormous night arise,
A cloud that is larger than the world
And a monster made of eyes.

Nor am I worthy to unloose
The latchet of my shoe;
Or shake the dust from off my feet
Or the staff that bears me through
On ground that is too good to last,
Too solid to be true.

Men grow too old to woo, my love,
Men grow too old to wed;
But I shall not grow too old to see
Hung crazily overhead
Incredible rafters when I wake
And I find that I am not dead.

A thrill of thunder in my hair:
Though blackening clouds be plain,
Still I am stung and startled
By the first drop of the rain:
Romance and pride and passion pass
And these are what remain.

Strange crawling carpets of the grass,
Wide windows of the sky;
So in this perilous grace of God
With all my sins go I:
And things grow new though I grow old,
Though I grow old and die.
— G.K. Chesterton


Please join us tomorrow for a very important post, until then … Take care and be well.

CultFit Wonder

Ca Plane Pour Moi

Living vicariously through the experiences of others-

Today’s sign of the Apocalypse:  Justin Beiber offered pro hockey contract!?!

This post is going to get little or no attention from you today.  Why you may ask?  Primarily due to the launch of the new iPhone which you are obsessed with as well as trying to look like somebody else …

Living vicariously through others  has permeated every facet of our fitness lives, so much so that we all assume that everyone should have “rock hard abs” and “salacious curves and tasty thighs”   Peeps, sometimes we all need to take a step back and remember that we workout to be healthy, not to look like someone else.

Some of these fitness models we see on Pinterest and Tumblr have some very nice features, like  “Huge fake breasts and flawless spray tans“.  But really, at the end of the day, this person is just a fitness model.  You may strive endlessly  to obtain their body …  If you’re working out to simply stay healthy and to keep active?  Chances are you are not a fitness model, bummer.  Being authentic and embracing who you are may not get you on the cover of Shape, and it’s certainly not going to wow your Pinterest obsessed friends.  But trust us, you are doing a fine job already.

And if you could so kindly give us another second of your time: This is really important.  The ThinSpo/FitSpo peeps are currently running the fitness world asylum, and the dedicated hardworking people who just want to workout and have fun:  Feel like they need to kill themselves in the gym and spend $$$ on the best gear if they are going to be considered “serious.”  Working out and being active should not be balls to the wall back-breaking work all the time.  It’s supposed to be fun. FitSpo has its place  if all you care about is looks and vanity (Yeah … “its my B-Day peeps here in the blog-o-world”).  Although if you’re going out with some mates for a run or bike ride?  Or simply enjoying a holiday weekend camping with the family?  Enjoy yourself as you are!!!

We joke around a lot around here but we are dead serious when we say that the DSM-IV has begun the process of classifying ThinSpo as a mental disorder, take that for what its worth peeps!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Tag!  Your it!!!  I’ll grab the kettlebells and you grab the gallon jug of water … We’ll begin out back in a bit!

A nice Trail Run and our classy Happy Hips Warm Up Followed by:

With a mate …

One person Runs one minute out and back.  The other person can either perform a KB Rack Hold or Goblet Squats.

Not just ten squats or whatever … Keep moving the whole time while your partner is out running!  Switch up and carry on for about 20 minutes.

**No sandbagging or being a prick to your mate!  An honest effort pays off here today peeps.**


Who are we kidding?  Another post about being authentic just whizzed by your head: Must pre-order iPhone 5 in white …


Sunday 1 April 2012

The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid-

Reckless abandon…You only live once and today is the day to shave 10 minutes off your 5k time.  Quit bitching about the injuries and how hot it is outside, HTFU!!!  Right now, right at this very moment…There is a yoga mom kicking your ass in every imaginable way!!!

See the weak pathetic little human sitting in the bumbo.  That’s you…

The Plan-

The Workout-

Pulled from our “Favorite” webz-site on all the inter-webz…Pinterest!!!


Go out there and kill “IT” today for the proverbial free t-shirt and race bib (well actually it’s not free…)!!!

Friday 23 March 2012

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind, than in the one where they sprung up

Quick video to cheer you up this morning and to set the proverbial mood around here:

How do you follow-up a great video like the one above?  We’ll with a pool side chat about kinesiophobia, that’s how you do it!  Fire up the Google Machine and read up a bit on wiki-i-know-everything-for ten-minutes…Done?!?

Cool were not going to talk about that anyways as our Crack Webz Research Team has chimed in with the following information:  “Why do I have to worry about the psychological factors that influence my injury rehab?  Shit Son I just ignore all the damn pain anyways!”  Just nod your head and keep reading on…(10 to 1 odds if you can find another blog-piece about kinesiophobia on the webz today!)

Its time to have a heart to heart:  You are not an athlete, truly gifted in your specific sport.  Our research shows that less than .10% of the population in the Milky Way fall into the “exceptionally good and get paid to do it” crowd.   You are an excellent mother/daughter and excellent father/son- definitely!  A weekend warrior?  Someone who pursues albeit nobly, misguided athletic pursuits?  Sadly yes.  “What in the heck is going on here today?”  Consider this:  On this blog-o-thing here last week alone 10000+ peeps wasted 4.45 minutes of their lives trying pull a few tidbits of information to use to better themselves as an athlete for that particular weekend. Four people realized that there is more to life…Our lives are fleeting: You are born and you will die someday.  The path between points A and B is so exciting and fulfilling, enjoy it.

Recoil in horror if you like and start beating the dog with a newspaper.  If we take time to zoom way-way out on our lives the time we spend worrying about prone running and Spartan Warrior Dashes become trivial, minute to some…not to others.  We like to think that if we zoomed out on your life we would see a big broad and pure smile from points A to B?  Not a broken body, empty containers of coconut water and race bibs.

There is a reason for our mindless rambling on this fine crisp morning…Next week sometime we will have written our 300th post.  What started as a small team of like-minded individuals sharing the simple pleasures of enjoying your family and being active has grown considerably over the past year.  We have stated before there are a wide range of peeps around here who share personal stories and hard-earned wisdom from day to day…We are self-proclaimed masters in the fine art of Tautology.  In one form or another this truism stands true:  You are enough.

The Plan-

Top Tip:  This is free and you’re welcome!?!

This wraps up our squatting coverage for the year!  Thanks for reading.

The Workout-

Remember what we spoke briefly about on Monday?  Good let’s get to work…

Trail Run/Swim/Hike/Bike/Walk…Not quickly but thoroughly Warm Up today.

Take 30 or so minutes to WORK UP to a one rep max Turkish Get Up (use your head here peeps – not as a place to drop the weight either!)

Trail Run/Swim/Hike/Bike/Walk…With Conviction and Purpose for however long you like.


Thank you for reading and stopping by for a moment.  The message presented today is vitally important to us here and hopefully you may be able to take something from it.  Explaining to your 7-year-old Son that you can’t play catch due to the fact that your close minded, harsh abuse to your body (all in the pursuit of some “vain” race bib) has left you crippled?!?  No way to live life A to B…Rest up this weekend, be safe and ENJOY!!!