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Love is the absence of judgment-

Do you Need to do __________ or do you Love to do __________?

To be fully free is to live in blissful happiness, daily. Full freedom creates the space for every happy experience to creep in. The  punishment (<— Key Word) that we can subject ourselves to, is the withholding of our unconditional love.

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Unconditional love never withdraws itself, this is what loving fully means. One does not have to practice what one is … Just be yourself.  Love learns over time to let go. Have you ever thought about how much energy and effort it takes to hold a grudge, to be angry at a friend or loved one?

What we call Need is often confused with Love. Need holds on, Need has a firm grasp on so many of us.  There is a rather clever way to tell the difference between Need and Love: Love let’s go, Love sets your mind free and places your heart at ease. Need on the other hand, never let’s go.

Let go of your expectations, for today, let go of the requirements, the so-called “rules” and regulations that you would otherwise impose on yourself and others …

The Workout-

A Walk in fresh snow, listen to your breathing, the sound of surrendering snow under foot.  Watch your breath as you walk long … Walking Meditation, Bliss.

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Remember: Choices are not restrictions. Nurture, Love or Punishment?!?  Bundle up and be well.

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