Trying to remember you
is like carrying water
in my hands a long distance
across sand. Somewhere people are waiting.
They have drunk nothing for days.

Your name was the food I lived on;
now my mouth is full of dirt and ash.
To say your name was to be surrounded
by feathers and silk; now, reaching out,
I touch glass and barbed wire.
Your name was the thread connecting my life;
now I am fragments on a tailor’s floor.

I was dancing when I
learned of your death; may
my feet be severed from my body.

Stephen Dobyns

CultFit Winter Wheat

8 Comments on “Grief”

  1. katelon says:

    Great description of grief. I lost someone close to me every six years of my life and found that our society does not handle grief well or really acknowledge it.

    • CultFit says:

      I have been reluctant in the past to explore and discuss the emotions we expedience as we encounter grief in our lives. As you mention, society is adverse to talking about grief, although is we are to be truly free, unencumbered. I fell its vitally important we do. Be well today my friend and please take care.

  2. Wow. Pretty powerful description of grief.

  3. Yesenia says:

    Really love this. One of my close friends is going through a difficult time so this is kind of hitting home. Thank you!

  4. Sandra says:

    I have not been able to get this post out of my mind ever since I read it. Perhaps it’s the article in the paper this past Sunday, thinking about my Dad. Or the dream last night where my mom passed away.
    Something about this post makes me need to send you good juju through the cyberwaves. Feel my concern for you.
    And be well, safe, and love those around you as if it’s the last day. Always.

    • CultFit says:

      It’s been a long weekend to say the very least, lots of driving, tons of snow, quality family time and a friends beautiful wedding to make the weekend complete.
      We take so much in life for granted until, things go horribly wrong. I tend not to plan out my posts too far in advance, nor do I try to polish them up too much – a conversation – a stream of consciousness. Mindfulness, mediation, authentic living, simplicity etc. are being spoken about a lot recently, usually in the positive sense. Although this thing called life is dirty at times and down right cruel. I’m opening up a bit more in hopes to shed a more profound light on grief, despair, loss … I feel we have lost a connection to a side of lives we can learn so much from.

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