Autumns Evening Breeze

A person who passes his days without donations and enjoyments is like a blacksmith’s bellows, he breathes but does not live-

**CAUTION- Where do we begin?  The post you are about to read has been chopped, diced and pureed into the fine mess below.  The topic at hand is very profound and wide-ranging however it is vitally important to understand.  Actually this post was part of a much larger project we are working on: A book, with real pages if you can believe that!?!  Then we had an epiphany:   Unless we reclaim our virginity and dreamed that we are being wined, dined, spanked and teased?  No one would buy our book anyways, Holy Crap!!!**

Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, The local co-op.  We all live in this “Shell” of an existence thinking that what we consume is akin to organic food for our souls, which is conveniently grown and consumed by people who have a deep respect for themselves and living a healthy life.  Maybe you are one of these people?

Sadly what most of us are consuming daily is fast food for our souls: X-Factor, TMZ, iAnythings, The Facebook, WordPress and the latest, juiciest gossip from our friends (the list is never-ending).  Fast food for our souls is tasty and addictive, finger licking good to be exact!

Pop quiz Hot Shot:  Does your daily lifestyle provide real “nourishment for your soul?   When we look around us at work, at the Box or Gym and even in the mirror?  What we see and process is:  Regular folks, peeps- starving for real sustenance in their lives.

Is the diet/food you consume daily dense?  Is your workout program you struggle with dense?  Is your highly addictive social media diet, dense?

What happens when we replace water with Mountain Dew, Green Tea for an eggnog  latte?  What happens when we replace the simple pleasure of reading with our kids, enjoying conversation with a dear friend?  With an evening filled of Pinning Crap and Instagraming Sh!t?  The answers should be  self-evident peeps.  Yet, as the moon sets tonight and the sun arises tomorrow … We will continue gorging ourselves with our fast food diet, without ever realizing that it very well may be slowly killing each and every one of us.

The Plan-

The Workout-

**Before you begin the Program today passionately follow these steps, you will be amazed at the difference in your workout/mood.  Also, feel free to follow these steps before your very own program!**

In no particular order focus on the following:

Mind your feet while you’re getting ready this morning and during your Warm Up.
Mind your chair while you’re typing away at work.
When putting on your running/workout shoes?  Try and put on the one you usually put on last, first.
Drink your tea without sugar if you’re used to sugar in your tea. If you’re used to not using sugar, just once put some sugar in your tea (or coffee).  Leave the water bottle in the car while you work out.  Become aware of the patterns in your life, they are extremely hard to break!
When you have to wait for something (Starbucks, Queue at the store, Waiting for a machine) breathe consciously, five deep breaths.
Take notice, right now.  Where you are.  Take a deep breath … Notice five things you can see.  Notice five things you can hear, notice five things you can feel.  Followed by:

Happy Hips Warm Up is in full effect and comes highly recommended by our kind staff!  Followed by:

Overhead Walking Lunge (pick a distance as steps do not count today)
15 Broad Jumps

How many sets/time is up to you!  If we told you ten or thirty minutes?  You would kill yourself trying to reach this mystical number, oh wait … That’s kinda what we do already isn’t it?!?


If you are looking for answers to the questions above?  Look elsewhere as we do not have them for you.  The answers you seek reside deep inside you somewhere.  Feel free to crack open a bottle of wine and talk about these questions and more with your friends and family this weekend (preferably in real life – face to face) … Make the moments you spend together, Dense.  ENJOY!!!

22 Comments on “Autumns Evening Breeze”

  1. ctkwingchun says:

    You know you’re hardcore when…you know you have time for a thumbs up before a bail!

    • ctkwingchun says:

      PS – I love the message of ‘meditation anywhere,’ as I concur.

      • CultFit says:

        You completely tied the picture of the dude bailing out and my little message of meditation anywhere, together! I can imagine this guy has been down this path a few times before … Take care this weekend and be well.

  2. vgrandja says:

    Hi! It’s 2C here in TO and feels like winter! An abomination for me at this point in my life. I’ve had it so good this summer walking along the waterfront and in the passed month to the Harbourfront Centre.

    I miss the warm weather. It was the best motivation for exercise. Now I go to the recreation centre and use the treadmill and once (yesterday, so far!) the stationary bike.

  3. On a roll this week Cultfit! The thing I love the most about what you’ve said is, it’s simple. We try and try so hard to do this or that, fix this, be involved with that and we just need to relax and get back to the real things in our lives!

    • CultFit says:

      Thank you! Dude, this is such a hard topic to convey via written words, so I’m thrilled this resonated with you. It seems the more simple/pure the message is? The harder it is to talk/write about.
      Have a great weekend!

  4. Susan says:

    The best things in life definitely are not things! Due to some serious eye strain issues, I’ve actually had to lay off computing. What happened as a result of this? I have SO much free time.

    • CultFit says:

      I hope your eyes are resting up today. 🙂
      It’s amazing isn’t it … The free time we have when we strip away “things” in our life?!? As much as I enjoy your company here and kind words, you are hereby ordered to stay away from CultFit until you are completely healed! Please take care this weekend and be well.

  5. Funny seeing this today..Last night while walking Daisy of Love for her last outing of the evening I pass this guys apartment on the first floor. He does not close his curtains so you can see everything since it was dark out (no I am not a peeping Tom) . Anyway he was on the sofa with his laptop on his lap, the TV on and he was texting. I thought :

    1) Has society become so wired that evening sitting still to watch you fav TV program has become a chore, do we really need to know what someone else is doing at the same moment as us.

    2) Yippee that single dudes life is sadder than my single life..(hey you have to walk away on a positive note) 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      … At what point did you stop tossing stones at his window?!? 😉
      I have a fun game for you to play the next time you go out with your friends for a nice dinner. Upon being seated, each one of you places your phone- face down, stacked in the centre of the table. If one of you picks up your phone during dinner? They pick up the tab for the table … Two people pick up their phones? They split the tab, so on and so forth. Ideally we want to pay for our own dinner without looking at someone playing on their phone all night …
      As a side note: What sad single life? You always have to end a comment reply on a positive note! 😉 Take care this weekend.

  6. Ha I would totally win this! One of my greatest pet peeves is having dinner with someone that keeps checking their phone. Even among friends it is rude. But on the up side i would get a free dinner..Great idea! Cheers be safe out there in your short shorts, it’s going to be a cold one and you may be at risk of frostbite in the least desirable of places. 🙂

  7. bgddyjim says:

    I had a mentor that had me back into my parking spot for a month… He told me he’d tell me why at the end of the month.

    So there we were, having lunch and I said, ok, it’s been one full month and I’ve backed into my spot every time I parked my car. Why?

    He said, well if you weren’t willing to do that simple little thing, you’d never be willing to stick through the hard stuff… Now let’s get to work.

    • CultFit says:

      Great story! Attention to detail, the little “things” in life really do add up over time … Man, I have really long story that is very similar to yours here. I like yours better anyways! Take care this weekend!!!

  8. […] Today’s post was inspired from [amazing blog] Cultfit: […]

  9. hiddinsight says:

    I mentioned this post in my blog today. Hope that’s ok. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. garagegym107 says:

    Love this. The five deep breaths while waiting is great. When my kids were younger, playing ball, going to 3 different schools I was constantly rushing every direction. It takes practicing a skill before you can devolop it. I love this idea and will remember to do this when I’m sitting in traffic on my way home from work. 🙂

  11. curvyelvie says:

    Great post

  12. LizForADay says:

    When people realize the best things in life are not things a Vail will be lifted. I think that is why I don’t collect sovereigns when I go places. I just like the pictures and the memories. I love that image. 🙂

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