The flaws of cyclic existence: Relatives at home, enemies, friends and possessions in the world are the causes of worry for the body and mind. Only virtuous actions can benefit others. Therefore, I will not be attached to these ties and I will cast them away as I would a snake in my lap.

… We can still live free, while living in our current high-tech society by taking the time to simplify our lives.  How?  Physical and Mental De-cluttering.   It does take some time to realize that our material possessions do not bring us the happiness that simple immaterial experiences do … A kiss, A hug, a nice run.  By getting rid of these unnecessary “things” we allow room for new “things” to come into our lives.  Taking part in a regular “spring cleaning” can help us to live every day as if it was a fresh start.

No longer will you be held back by your past…

The Plan-

CultFit Moon

The Workout:

Trial Run and Hill Sprints to get the blood flowing … Followed By:

200m Sprint (Embody the word Sprint-Cool)

20 Heavy Double Kb Front Squats (If your pretty little elbows touch your body at anytime?  Start over from zero)

Eight is a pretty remarkable number to shoot for …

CultFit Wait


Later today we are going to have a good friend over for a chat and maybe some tea.  The lovely Laura Yochelson will be over to talk about her new book ” In the name of BEING WELL, I made MYSELF SICK.”

Be well this morning and ENJOY!!!

CultFit Forest

Sour Times

Be yourself.  Life is precious as it is.  All the elements for your happiness are already here.  There is no need to run, strive, search or struggle.  Just Be-

In today’s increasingly complex world.  Each and every minute it’s becoming harder to experience the relative simplicity of the seconds of the day passing by. We will take the moral low road and  blame this on the discovery of “Social Media” which we have become both liberated and enslaved by its mind-numbing power.  Thanks to this we are virtually drowning in a sea of irrelevance.

Have we willingly given up our ability to think for ourselves?

The Plan-

CultFit Drops

The Workout:

A quick flowing Warm Up … A little balance beam work and jumping the old rope.  Followed By:

10 Standing Broad Jumps (five out and five back)
20 Hard Style Kettle-Bell Swings (Snappy)

Five rounds sound good enough to you?

CultFit Sled


We are going to going this topic into submission this week, oh joy!  Take care today and ENJOY!!!

CultFit Hobbs

There’s Velvet Eyes In Mexico

Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind

Time to kick off our shoes and slippers!  For all the long time – first time reader peeps:  Thursdays here are Rest Days for the body,  mind and soul.  Sit back and be sure to grab a tasty beverage … Let the buffoonery begin!

Yet another reason why Australia is quite possibly the coolest country on earth (California is a close second):

The Plan-

Ladies … Thoughts?

The Workout-

Rest DayA dab of Yoga +  A Brisk Walk = Heaven.


Tomorrow will you choose to separate yourself from the herd and be bold in your actions?!?  Good, we’ll be here waiting for you with a nice simple message … ENJOY!!!