When will then be now?

The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it-

Our lives are saturated with technology – from email to texting, FaceTube to Insta-Look at me, Linked-Out to streaming media of various flavors online. Living in a digital world, our attention is almost always focused on something outside of our physical body. Either playing a game online with a friend or surfing aimlessly – Always doing something! We treat our own unfocused minds like parents on a cross-country road trip: Turning on the in-vehicle entertainment system and watching “Up” for the millionth time until the little ones pass out.

Are we there yet?!?

My mind needs periods during the day, just like children do at school Time to run and play, jump from hither and yon, with little care in the world. My mind needs to be able to flow freely from thought to thought, or simply rest in no thought at all. The spaces between tasks, between thoughts, between breaths, between all the objects of my attention—are deeply important to our true selves. When I miss the opportunity to live in these gaps, I become a minion to my mind, and subsequently anxious of any moment when my mind is not occupied – Gotta check my fantasy team and Ebay!!!

Daily Meditation:

A deep and lasting confidence arises when we can enjoy the open spaces in life. Our culture has placed a value on action, information, and entertainment, and we are encouraged to keep the mind busy at all times. If we want to create down time, to make space, we have to actively do so.

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West of the : Moon :

With enough courage, you can do without a reputation-

Does it seem as though we are constantly defining who we are by our actions? Why is it difficult telling, or explaining who we really are?

Being distracted, busy and stressed is a choice I often make without a second thought.  No one is forcing me to take on all of these responsibilities and activities in my life. Sometimes it seems that being stressed out and busy is a symbol of status in our society. Raise your hand if you have uttered the following phrase(s): “I’m a _____” or “Look at all of these “things” I do.”

I’m a yoga instructor, pilates teacher, and coach. I’m an avid cyclist,  a quasi racer and competitive. I’m an engineer of some sort  I

Whatever happened to just being? I believe our identities have been so wrapped up in what we do that we have forgotten what it is like to just be.

Daily Meditation:

I need to pause now and – be, me.

CultFit Unplugged


Take someone who doesn’t keep score,
who’s not looking to be richer, or afraid of losing,
who has not the slightest interest even
in his own personality: he’s free-

Alongside all the noise in the social media world in regards to how we are wasting our daily lives away in front of a gadget of some sort or another – All of us seem to have a tighter daily schedule with all the training, club/social events, competitions And let us not forget about the “The weekend is here its time to race” mentality. Dinner has become a leftover lovers, microwave users dream! Stuffing our faces, racing to catch the 5pm pilates class at the gym, only to be stuck in traffic, feasting on leftover mandarin orange chicken from Trader Joe’s. Down time is the eight minutes we get to wait because the instructor is late from running her own little “turds” to soccer practice.

And here I am lamenting, writing yet another post about our hyper-media-constantly-on the run world we live in. Dear Reader –  Enough is Enough. All our efforts to keep “fit”, “active” and “involved”, are actually keeping us dazed, tired and confused (awesome movie title huh?!?).

Daily Meditation:

It’s time to slow down, time to pause, time to smell the lilac blooming, or better yet eating dinner at home – Just a thought

*Side Note*

There are a few times during the year that I like to share a link(s) to a worthy cause – Consider this one of those times. There’s no need to twist your arm or whatever, however, these kids are doing such amazing and inspiring work and having fun doing it! A classic win-win situation!

Logged (Off)

Indeed, the direction of the future is only there in order to elude us-

Recently, after a fairly spirited morning group ride here in Nebraska. I found myself warming up with a cup of hot chocolate at a local coffee shop. Savoring the warmth of the first sip, I overheard a group of fellow riders sitting comfortably near the front window. A slender, lively man reached for his iPhone near the center of the table to check his Strava stats. If you are unfamiliar with Strava? Good for you!

Gathering up my gloves, helmet and balaclava, quickly finishing the last sacred sip of my warm drink. I turn to thank the barista before being interrupted with the following question:

… Hey dude! Have you tried using a Strava when you ride? If you did – I thought we could have a friendly Strava Stat Battle Royal …

When I snap the buckle on my helmet, adjusting its fit before the pedals complete one rotation. Consciously I have made the choice(s) to LOG OFF – Taking a much-needed time out from my digital life. No matter how convenient, “handy” and productive technology has become, it is still my choice, (your choice) whether I remain tethered to it everywhere I go.

As a little dude, I had my fave superman pajamas and blankets to protect me from the monsters lurking underneath the bed. I took comfort with my imaginary friends and I refused to part with them under any circumstances (The movie Mr. Mom describes my childhood …). These transitional objects served to blanket me with comfort as I came to terms with my own individuality, and until I simply grew out of them.

Daily Meditation:

The gadgets we use today? Are our modern-day “security blankets“, distracting us from being alone with our true selves. Over the course of the next few posts, I would like to share some personal stories as to how I was able to toss my security blanket into the fire and my phone gadget thing into the trunk.

CultFit Ride

(I’m) Reckless

In this world of numbness and information overload, the ability to feel, my boy, is a rare gift indeed-

You scowl at your running partner(s) for running with headphones in. You can faintly hear ‘1901’ blasting from their ears. They are insistently checking their GPS watch, every ten steps, although 10 miles later during a quick stop to refuel? Out comes a magenta hued insta-message to let the world know you just slammed a gel pack. Don’t they realize how much it annoys you? The anger on your face is plain as day …

Remember when placing an emergency call meant stepping into a phone booth? Today’s electronic do-dad’s and wireless communications gadgets have made it possible for us to handle emergencies in near real-time, help us to find and reconnect with long-lost friends and the best part: Fantasy Sports. Although all of this “convenience” we have at our finger tips comes at a steep price. The incursion of technology into our lives both at home and while out for an evening run, means less down time and we become ungrounded from our true spirit (tomorrows post).  FaceTube and iThings rip into and tear apart relationships and thwart leisure pursuits. I often lament about leisure/life balance, oddly the term “Balance” seems to be a thing of the past.

What in the world is the meaning of balance anymore?

Steeping back from the running story, we as families are feeling this pain at home as well. Social experiment for the day: Engage a teenager in an eye to eye conversation. Let me know how that works out for you. Today’s teens have booth feet, wading chest deep in a technology sinkhole, sad.


Know what? It’s rather easy to blame social media and technology, I should know, I am rather adept at it. Over the past fortnight I have been thinking about this issue ad nauseam, what “balance” truly means, the mixed blessing and danger of technology and many other things (NHL Playoffs).  Even though social media and technology have placed the world at our feet, the 24/7 access impedes our spiritual health and quality of life.

Ask yourself today: Has the convenience been worth it?

CultFit Grounded