More than :Life:

You are stronger than you know-

A sincere heartfelt Thank You to all of you! Have a beautiful weekend and please take care!

Mirror In the Bathroom … Please Talk Free

We are always getting ready to live but never living-

Please bear with us as we try to draw a parallel between learning to live and failing in today’s hyper-drive, pressure to succeed society …

For many it has become de rigeur for us stress out over every possible challenge that we may face during the day.  We no longer take the time to step back and evaluate the situation.  We simply lack these skills today.  We search for the solution on our iPhone or the Google Machine  and stress even more after the damn system crashes!  Many of the same issues we face today were addressed by generations before us through more naturalistic means:  They took a few steps back and figured the problem out themselves!  Today?  We place too much emphasis on perfection and achieving, more stress and more problems.

A classic example:  I’m running late with the kids, the house is a mess and work is nuts!  Let me look up a quick 10 minute workout I just have to squeeze in … An hour later on Pinterest?  Same problems, More stress!

Part of our hidden agenda here at CultFit is equipping you (our dear readers) with the tools needed to navigate around in our increasingly frantic world.  Think about this:  Does your training program mimic the architecture of YOUR real life, in which you receive varying workouts at different times and in different amounts?  We fully expect you to struggle, make mistakes and learn over time.  Do you?!?

Allow more time for individualism to creep into your program, more failure, find your own solutions.  We already have enough pressure to succeed in life …

The Plan-

Dedication, Passion, Love … Brad Canning poured his soul into this awesome video!  We’re geeks here and this is like LvL 100 Geek Porn!!!

The Workout-

The Warn Up today is of your choosing!  Happy HipsTrail RunSwimming?  Once you finish up, we’re going for a Walk?

A 45lb Plate, Some Kettlebells or even a Heavy Sandbag all work this morning.  Pick one up and let’s Walk!

Farmers Walk, Heartbeat Press, Piston Press, One Arm Waiters Walk, Rack Hold, One Arm Farmers Walk … For ONE mile!

Top Tip:  Allow your breathing to control your midsection (the word “core” is lame.  Yoga mom’s work the “core”.)

**Once you pick the weight up and take your first step?  It stays up the ENTIRE WALK!  Penalty:  10 Goblet Squats.**


It really has been a splendid week ’round these parts and we owe it all to you!  You guys are amazing, “special” and most importantly: Authentic!  While we have your attention please take a moment to say hello to our dear friend Somer:  Why Vegan? Vedged Out. If only a handful of the 31,892 peeps who stopped by CultFit yesterday took the time to read her inspirational story?  You would walk away inspired to say the least!

Have a great weekend peeps and ENJOY!!!