Am (I)

Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known-

Who are you?

A simple question, asked so very often, implying that there is actually a plausible answer. Almost as if our being were a fixed “thing

Who am I?

The irony that lies neatly at the heart of this question, is that the more we seek to identify who we are, the more fragile we are likely to become. The emphasis shouldn’t be on discovering who we are but on creating what we would like to experience in life.

Who defines you?

Our identity should be seen as an evolving process, rather than a static snapshot in time. Embrace a flowing sense of self – You.

Daily Meditation:

How different would life be, if rather than asking who am I We contemplated how we’d like to engage and live – Life?

CultFit I

La Verdad

The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept-

These truths are a compass leading us along the path of our lives: When we open our eyes, listen to our hearts and scream our truth(s) out loud for all to hear and witness? We find Balance and Center.

Once we find our true path and own it, the key words being Own It – Own your Path. Only then can we set about creating a definitive experience of our sense of place, our sense of identity and our sense of purpose in this beautiful world.

Through seeking purpose, we find identity. With identity, we find our true purpose.

Daily Meditation:

The alternate approach to Owning Your Path … Is waiting. Waiting will only engender suffering, the suffering of longing to be “better” and grasping at a You, that simply does not exist.

CultFit Truth

Lost Scroll

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love-

Meditation, in my humble opinion, is the perfect entry point to many profound experiences in life. Successful meditation and successful “whatever(s)” all start with three simple, yet mindful entry points:

Get Comfortable – Slow Down – Connect to our Breath

When we are able to approach other pursuits in our life, just like we approach meditation (without rushing to go somewhere fast – a means to an end) we are able to touch deeply into ecstatic and erotic states which we once thought were lost.

Daily Meditation:

Our busy lives takes us to a place where we are constantly consumed by our thoughts. It’s possible to reclaim our bodies, our true-selves.  On that note: Before kissing a loved one tenderly, taking a bath or running in the snow … Get Comfortable – Slow Down – Connect to Your Breath

CultFit Heart


Love (My)stery

There are no facts, only interpretations-

When I began walking my current path, my motivation was existential

I struggled each painful morning to answer burning questions such as Who am I? What is my true nature? What is the nature of the world around me? These questions still linger to this day, although meditation practice and mindfulness practice in particular, have helped to define the path unfolding in front of me.

During a painful period recently, with profound feelings of sadness. In one sense, I tried to be gentle with myself, allowing my body ample time before engaging it fully. As time went on, motivated by the desire to be fully alive and fully functioning, I began to observe closely just how my pain constituted and unfolded, how I participated in it, and how my attentiveness and lack of it affected “things.

When I was aware and mindful, I would be feeling fine and then – within a moments notice I would find myself back at the start. When I was able to both engage and observe, I could begin to see that my experience began as a kind of spasm, a contraction, a rushed breathe. I could notice (however arduous as it was to stay present) how my manner of paying attention, what I attended to and how, could either accelerate or decelerate the rhythm of the process.

Attention to the process is what meditation brings to my life, especially when the dynamic themes play, like a broken record.

Daily Meditation:

We may not be able to control what arises each and every day. However we do have a say in how we respond, moment to moment  These fruits of daily life, can be liberating.

CultFit Light

(El) Perro

The wheels hummed lullabies on the liquorice road-

A little challenge to start the weekend off right: Limber your lips up, and hum your favorite song for the next 30 seconds Now don’t you feel better? In fact, there’s no better way to calm your mind and boost your spirits than by humming a happy tune.

Are your lips, heart and spirit ready to go? Cool

Pausing for a moment to consider how humming plays a role in meditation practice  I’ll share just one quick example: “Some” yoga folks use a breathing technique called brahmari or “the bee breath.” In essence, the brahmari technique involves taking a series of slow, deep breaths through the nose with tightly sealed lips. On each exhalation, you make a humming sound similar to a bee buzzing about in a midlands prairie.

Daily Meditation:

For whatever reason, I deeply enjoy humming the occasional tune. Humming (the brahmari technique) is a gentle, calming method to settle our mind(s) and an a soothing way to relieve stress. Little did I know that a seemingly frivolous, cheeky activity may turn out to have some tangible daily benefits. In addition, who would had ever thought that Hall & Oates would help me center my mind?!?

Take care this weekend and please be well!

CultFit Hum