More than :Life:

You are stronger than you know-

A sincere heartfelt Thank You to all of you! Have a beautiful weekend and please take care!

To truly – Have

Work is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness-

Every moment in our lives is a fresh start. Every breath, every movement we make. We are always at the beginning; Wherever we are along our path in life. Sounds like a song from Sting does it not?!?

I would like to plant a thought in your fertile mind this morning, maybe getting you to think deeper, about “something” we take for granted:

All we truly have is the present moment.

Each day we are living with the consequences of our past choices and actions. A cool dude back in the day – Buddha, taught us that when we hopelessly cling onto our stories about ourselves, or about what we think is destined to happen next, we only create suffering for ourselves.

We can begin anew right now, seriously! Instead of floating along in our habitual, and dare I say: Mindless Ways of being. Press pause and find the beauty in this moment, right now.

Daily Meditation:

Welcome home, to yourself.

CultFit Self