Thursday 9 February 2012

I cannot make the universe obey me. I cannot make other people conform to my own whims and fancies. I cannot make even my own body obey me-

“This is so typical of them…”  If you are easily offended and are not wrapped in a semblance of composure this wonderful morning?  Just enjoy the pic below and carry on doing your Thursday inter-webz thing.

The Plan-

Yoga, what a pleasant little word that is often used for all the wrong reasons.  The crass and socially awkward crowd here believes yoga is an indisputable power to enliven physical well-being in all aspects of our daily lives.

It pains up deeply when we read and see pictures of individuals showing an outward display of self-love when in actual they struggle in other aspects of daily life.  Yoga is not a struggle!  Yoga when practiced purely for physical purposes will gently take you down a dark path…Don’t believe us?  Drop in or poke your nose in the window on a 7am yoga class at Life Time Fitness.  It should be noted that we are simply not being “Easy Stance Man” today.  That’s for those of you who speak in platitudes and pin your beliefs, wants and wishes on Pinterest. 

A couple of facts for you to Google:

  • 90 percent of the Yoga practiced consists of asanas (poses), and it is more likely to be pursued for body toning and weight loss benefits than for spiritual transcendence.
  • The typical Yoga practitioner is an educated woman in her mid-30’s with above-average income, living in an urban setting and perceiving herself as being in better physical shape than the average person.

The Hype of Yoga

It’s that last bit that we want to dissect here with you today- Perceiving herself as being in better physical shape than the average person.

The Problem is:

With all due respect to the women above-  We would rather share a nice cup of tea and a wide-ranging conversation with the lady in background.

“Damn Son!  How did all of this start?”  Simply, Just yesterday during our weekly yoga class at CultFit HQ, Brother Caleb brought his gal friend along for the ride.  And what better way to say hello than smarting about yoga pants: “Like check out these new Lululemon pants!  You would never notice (my camel toe) while wearing these!”  Western society sure knows how to muck things up don’t they?!?

Yoga? Nope!!! Just a terific gymanst and dancer...

The Workout-

Rest Day

Which usually means some of the following in this order:

Leg Drains, Self Reiki, Knee Replacement Surgery (Brother Jeremiah), Meditation (not yoga wise asses) and reading/listening to NPR (<—–Gotta Click This One Peeps!!!)


While you are busy fussing about because someone just urinated all over your sacred yoga.  Take the time over the next few days to step back and put life in perspective, ENJOY!!!

Monday 03 October 2011

As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly-

Thank you for all the feedback, both positive and negative!  It really does help us here at CultFit HQ no matter what the naysayers opine.  Also, to all our athletes who competed this past weekend (you know who you are…) congratulations on the podium finishes!  Training to lead a healthy life and to produce measurable results…what a novel idea, huh?

The Plan-

Think of some movements this morning that you have been neglecting of late and why you have been putting them on the back burner.  If they are there for a reason i.e they make you hurt or aggravate an old injury, leave them there for good!  The idea today is craft a series of movements that augment your training goals in addition to the proven movements that have been working for you of late.

The Workout-

Pulled this one from our “Craft Brew Series” here at the CultFit archives…

Walk/Run-Run-Run/Walk…Tempo run peeps, find a good pace and stay in the groove for 30 minutes.


Weighted Step Ups

Perfect Dips

Notes-Once you pick the weight up for the ‘step ups’ it stays up…Plant foot and push through, nice controlled movement.  ENJOY!!!