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Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself-

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Allow us on this lovely and chilly Thursday morning to summarize what many of you are going to do over the next week:

YOU are going to put the very “things” you passionately adore and care about on hold.  With the intent being to fulfill your wishes next year … Hmm the Dreaded New Years Resolution madness is beginning to run a muck here in the blog-o-sphere!

Cultfit Look

Do feel like you can handle the truth this morning?

The problem with this logic is that more often than not (like every damn year you do this), tomorrow never comes, the “resolution” you set never comes to fruition and the flickering flame of hope extinguishes.  Most people set off soundly on the right foot thinking that they will eventually get to all the “things” they dreamed of doing.  However, once the New Year rings in and you shake off your cheap champagne hangover … It’s March and the Lambs are roaring in.  Many others,  if they actually do hold true to their New Year plan, either find themselves either physically hurt, worn down or dead by June.  Unable to do the very “things”  they wished upon all winter and dreamed of doing the rest of the year.  Sadly, many fall into a deep, depressive “mood” in which they feel as if they had wasted all the wonderful opportunities they had planned on, like going out for an early run this morning.  When you are full of Vitality, Passion, and Excitement.

*End of Part One*

The Plan-

CultFit Square

The Workout-

Dim the lights (or go outside at dawn), light a candle and find Grace in your Salute to the Sun.

CultFit Word

Hint:  Grace will not normally be found at the “Box” … Just saying peeps.


This is YOUR life, not the fake one you live online, not your 9:30 am Power Yoga instructor’s life … YOUR life.  Take control of Your destiny and ENJOY!!!

CultFit Mind

Save Me

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them-

Buckle up Poets, Scribes, Word Smiths, Yoga Moms/Dads and Curious Minded Fitness peeps

CultFit You

How do you think about engaging in a healthy lifestyle, while at yoga- running etc.

When the poet or writer sits down, lost in the creative consideration of their ideas, “things” and processes not immediately present.  Our experiences are composed of touch, visual and maybe even perhaps olfactory sensations (the reward of smelling stinky after a nice run).  Our imagination of visual images, the feelings of our body, gentle rhythms being played out around us and the blissful patterns we are creating …

Please consider this profound thought this fine Wednesday morning:

Just as the verbal skills we associate with writing are not primary to the creative process.  The same thought applies to how you create your workout program (anything goes- X-Fit, Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates … ).  The movements should be secondary … Allow your imagination to run wild and find passion in the way you express yourself.  The words, the movement you put forth.

The Plan-

Ladies of CultFit?!?  This is what “Guys” like.

CultFit This

The Workout:

If you need this space here for your motivation to workout today?  It’s not here as a prompt to awaken your heart … Look inside yourself and only in there will you find what you truly want to do today.

CultFit Rain

If it matters?  We went for a nice Walk and did some Balance Beam work and a few dozen Perfect Pull Ups, Heaven.


All too often we struggle to find the meaning to why we workout, write daily or check in Four Square?!?  Are you merely going through the motions of life or do you embody who and what you are … ENJOY!!!

CultFit Duplicator

Good Boy Mudd

We have enough youth, how about a fountain of Smarts-

There really is no need to set up this video for you this morning … Its brilliant:

Where were we?!?  Diversions!

More times than not it seems that we have forgotten all about the simple diversions in our lives that help us to decompress from our daily concerns.  For many of our Dear Readers this moment of forgetfulness can be found in at the local gym, a yoga mom class or a trail run in a nearby park.  This sacred refuge can also be found in our gardens where tilling soil can clear away the stress of a rough day.  For many others chopping up some veggies in the  kitchen sweeps away the frustrations of our nagging boss at work.  We may also find relief  chatting amongst friends one night down at the pub or out in the bright sunshine during a weekend morning walk  with a close friend.  This place may also reside on the inter-webz.  Where we can roar with laughter at a  silly pooch jumping on a trampoline.

Wherever this place is for you, peeps it is vitally important for us to go there regularly.   The more you punish yourself Running, Training, Lifting, Dieting?  The very people around you don’t get the best of you!  It very well may be  in these quiet diversions that we find peace …  Sh!t Son!!!  Did you see that dog try to do a nose-stand!?!

The Plan-

The Workout-

We were just finishing making a sandwich when you stopped over for a visit, how nice of you!

Happy Hips Warm Up followed by a nice 30 Minute Trail Run, and finishing with a Happy Hips Cool Down.

If you want to add some zing to your sammy?  Just add, oh let’s say … 100 Hard Style KB Swings after the Trail Run.


Let these numbers marinate in the old noggin for a spell:  10k and 30 minutes.  Go ahead and say these numbers out loud at your desk … 10k, 30 minutes!

You Got Smoked By a 13 Year Old Dude?!?

To be a kid again?!?  We spend our whole entire adult lives trying to be young in body.  How about young in heart and mind?  Be well today and ENJOY!!!

Memorial Day 28 May 2012

Relatives who do not understand your personality,Family and friends who look upon you with derision; Are foolish people who would call it pretty If you pierced your nose with a splinter of gold!-

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest and Remembrance Day…


Today we give thanks to all of the brave men and women who so valiantly served past, present and future.  Without your sacrifice we could not sit down this morning to write about what it means to be free.  One day is not enough time to say “Thank You”…Be well and come home safely!

Monday 9 April 2012

We learn wisdom from failure much more than success. We often discover what we will do, by finding out what we will not do-

We sincerely hope all you peeps out there lurking had a splendid holiday weekend with the family.  Good, don’t mind us now as we urinate all over your feel good plans for the week…

The above poll is our “scientific” contribution to the blog-o-sphere this morning.

To recap our little pep talk for the week regarding the seeking of providing and/or of advice…It comes down to one of life’s most basic dicta “You are more likely to get what you want if you ask for it.”  Shocking isn’t it?!?

The Plan-

The Workout-

For the rest of the week our Warm Up will consist of the following (may be done indoors or outdoors) Preferably in order:

Forward Rolls X 10
Backward Rolls X 10
Dive Rolls X 10
Quick Rolls (3 successive rolls as fast as possible) X 5
Forward Roll To Bear Crawl
Backward Roll To Crab Crawl
High Knees (running, 40m)
Butt Kicks (running, 40m)
High Knees (running drill, 40m)
Butt Kicks (running drill, 40m)
One Legged Hops (get up high, extend, 40m)
Two Legged Hops (get up high, extend, 40m)
Backpedal (backwards run, reaching back, 40m)…Followed by:

One Hundred of Something…”  This may be the only time we’ll ever actually use a clock as a means of measurement during a program!

Pick a movement and without stopping (obviously unbroken)…100 Perfect Reps.  We did this last year at about this same time, who knew that keeping a workout journal would come in handy?

This is what we did:  100 One Arm Perfect Presses Each Arm (20lb db)

Get creative today doing this…


A few things are going to happen quickly if you give the program a go today:  One you over-estimate your athletic prowess.  Two is that 100 is a lot of reps to muster with an inflated sense of self worth…No matter what the outcome may be today.  Please do this safely and ENJOY!!!