Monday 03 October 2011

As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly-

Thank you for all the feedback, both positive and negative!  It really does help us here at CultFit HQ no matter what the naysayers opine.  Also, to all our athletes who competed this past weekend (you know who you are…) congratulations on the podium finishes!  Training to lead a healthy life and to produce measurable results…what a novel idea, huh?

The Plan-

Think of some movements this morning that you have been neglecting of late and why you have been putting them on the back burner.  If they are there for a reason i.e they make you hurt or aggravate an old injury, leave them there for good!  The idea today is craft a series of movements that augment your training goals in addition to the proven movements that have been working for you of late.

The Workout-

Pulled this one from our “Craft Brew Series” here at the CultFit archives…

Walk/Run-Run-Run/Walk…Tempo run peeps, find a good pace and stay in the groove for 30 minutes.


Weighted Step Ups

Perfect Dips

Notes-Once you pick the weight up for the ‘step ups’ it stays up…Plant foot and push through, nice controlled movement.  ENJOY!!!

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