Trying My New Wings

All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything-

There is only one universal concept that brings everyone -everything together in this beautiful world – Oneness.

The concept of oneness and being part of a vast, infinitely elaborate web of interconnectedness is not a new concept. Let’s pause and think about this for a moment. When we arrive at yoga class (just one example – embrace any event) it was our decision alone to be there, to show up, unfurling our mat(s) and opening ourselves up to the limitless possibilities we are about to explore. Oneness is a unifying concept that has survived even in our neomanic world. You can physically feel the energy flowing during class if you open your body and mind, allowing “oneness” to fill your spirit.

Too many people are living in a dystopian world, embracing illusions of separation, “me” first – Sadly.


Focused intention on living our daily lives with oneness at the forefront of our thoughts? Will be reflected in everything we do, during yoga class or while stuck in traffic. Welcome to reality …

CultFit Reflect

Light Rides

Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized-

Can we all agree that some of the posts here are rather cheeky at times, silly, wasted, pointless? Who wants to talk about authenticity, forgiveness, spirituality, mindfulness?

The best gift you can ever give those you love, and those who care deeply about you, is a healthy “you“. Sounds cheesy, right? Seriously, I thought having a chiseled body doing yoga and performing 1000+ crunches a day was well enough, but a healthy “you“?

Consider for one fleeting moment this morning what I am suggesting. If you are as healthy as you can be, in both mind and spirit, you will be the best possible version of yourself. Less time talking about failed run times, painful yoga sessions and more energy devoted to exploring the world with others.

We could talk about knowing our personal limit(s), making the best use of our time and energy while maintaining a healthy relationship with our body … But this topic is dull and painfully tedious?!?

Quite possibly the greatest gift you can ever offer yourself is not running a marathon or becoming a yoga teacher. Accepting yourself, right now, with no make up, pink bunny slippers and all, is so very powerful … Maybe not as powerful as doing 103 sun salutations in a row, but close enough?!?


When you offer your true, whole self to whatever(*), in both mind and spirit? … Boring stuff right?

CultFit Direction

* (I figuratively and literally mean whatever: relationships, sex, fixing a flat tire, running … whatever.)

Shadow Stabbing

A great man is always willing to be little-

Let’s engage in a rather broad conversation this morning shale we?

What on your part constitutes growth

Ripped abs, slimmer fitting clothes, blasting your back and chest performing super sets at the gym (don’t forget to pose in the mirror), bragging about numbers and how many reps fought through, taking a picture of yourself in some ridiculous yoga pose?

Humility may be one of the most misunderstood and under appreciated aspects of our daily experience. Humility does not necessarily mean lowering yourself below other folks, letting said people walk all over your very existence, cut you off in queue at the grocer or even treat you like you’re inferior to breathing the same air as they are. Embracing humility means being neutral, letting go of the urge to get the last word in, placing yourself above others and basically telling a bunch of self-righteous fairy tales. We expend far too much of our daily energy, squandered in the mindless striving for importance: Getting “ripped,” asking someone to admire your ass after an hour-long leg workout.

The stark truth of the matter is that you don’t have to get drawn into daily ego-competitions (sword fights anyone?!? Anyone …) and petty games anymore.


We grow as individuals when we free our mind and spirit of the need to feel bigger, superior to those around us.

CultFit What

Do Whutchya Like

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful-

What is THE WORST training tool we have available to use?  Our eyes …

Our eyes mislead us while our best training tool and the one seldom used  is our Mind.

CultFit This

The images our eyes capture play a large role in how we organize our perceptions.  If you are capable of daydreaming at work?!?  Then you can learn how to visualize and meditate.

Let’s start early this morning for good measure:

· A good way to start is to simply think about your home or apartment.
· Imagine that you are standing outside and looking at your front door.
· Describe your door in detail (aloud).  What color is the door?  What is the shape of the door handle?   How high is the door?  What does it sound like if you knock on it?
· The part of your mind that you are using to describe the door is the part we use for visualization.
· Now, imagine your door in a different color.  First blue, then red, etc.  Use your imagination and pretend if you need to.  The more you can pretend the better your imagination will be.

Like many “things” in our lives, we forget as we age.  Hand a thoughtful little dude a Matchbox car and watch what happens …

The Workout-

There are literally millions of yoga poses, trillions is actually more actuate of a number.  Try this:  Stand on one foot, hand on the hip of the leg firmly planting you to the ground, your other hand picking at your ear vigorously (keep picking until you find something).  Let’s call this pose: CultFita Hasta Padangustasana

True, passionate yoga practice has Nothing to do with the poses.

So on that lovely note, today is a Rest Day.  You are free to obsess over your killer pose … We will be going for a Walk and focusing/visualizing on proper breathing?!? <— Hint – Hint


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Be well today and ENJOY!!!

For more awesome work by Dain Fagerholm … Head over to DAiN8

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CultFit in the New Year

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act-

Pop quiz Hot Shots:

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What to look forward to in 2013

We are going step back and strip CultFit of all its distractions, gimmicks, promotions and more.  The main objective is to leave you, our Dear Reader with a pure and simple reading experience.  Reading and digesting the words presented to you without any distractions.

What we feel is necessary for a simple, enjoyable reading experience:

  1. Pithy, socially relevant topics to help you come to peace with your body and mind
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  5. A breath of fresh air amidst a sea of distractions

CultFit Bear

The CultFit as you have come to love (used extremely loosely) will simply not be the same …

The “Workout” in 2013

Acquaint yourself with this lovely word:



Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.
A heuristic process or method.

CultFit Cat

What does time mean to you?  We believe time is functionally similar to volatility in our lives:  The more time, the more you can achieve, the more disorder to bathe in.  Consider, that if you can suffer limited harm to your body if exposed to small errors (a brisk run, snappy kettlebell work), time brings the kind of “errors” that end up benefitting YOU.  We like to call this experience.  Other programs will break you with their use of time, not here.
Proper Form, Seek Flow, Develop Grace … Only then will we find Perfection


Slowly and surely we will be migrating content to our new site, so all hope is not lost!  CultFit will still be here tomorrow, in all its dreadful glory.  Thank you once again for making CultFit what it is!  Be well this New Year and ENJOY!!!

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