One : Heart :

One love, one heart, one destiny-

True personal awareness arises from embracing our true spirit and taking ownership of the power within. That’s my personal fitness, 30 day yoga challenge, marathon training, “whatever” plan for you! Seriously, that’s all you need. Although, we happen to live in a time and place, when people do not know, let alone nurture, their spiritual life, let alone remain conscious of their soul or acknowledge its existence. Many kind and passionate folks who may not know their true-spirit, may be absorbed by “other” pursuits, their social life or basic everyday survival. These less nuanced areas of our lives, important as they are, simply fail to sustain our delicate hearts and nurture our souls.

I get a fair amount of “odd” looks of disbelief when asked – “What brought you into our new studio?” or “You had a great race today! What does your training plan consist of mate?

My humble answer: Humility, Courage and Love.

A deep-rooted sense of humility to recognize that I am merely a visitor in this inspiring life, blessed with the opportunity to enjoy the gifts that surround me. Love has gifted me a profound perspective, that fills me with joy and peace – even during the most trying moments of life. Courage provides me the strength and confidence to say “no.” Courage allows me to define myself in the face of the moment or setting, not being tempted to compromise my true inner spirit.

Daily Meditation:

Our true inner spirit enables us to surrender to inner peace, pure love, and real meaning in this thing called life.

CultFit Life

A Lonely Quest

Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity-

*I wrote this post during a brief stop, riding a century one scoring hot weekend last summer in Nebraska. I’m not sure why I didn’t publish it at the time, maybe I was on to something, or maybe not. It’s safe to say that I walk a path in this beautiful world differently than most, and this philosophy carries over into how I help folks to compete, not on the road – but rather in this thing called life*

I am fortunate and humbled by the amazing people I get to talk with each day. The most captivating, and certainly the most personal moments occur when we struggle to “spit it out“, to put into words the thoughts that lie at the very edge of our ability to put them forth as meaningful words, a dense conversation full of wonder and meaning. Each of us has experienced the feeling of straining, against the very limit(s) of putting our thoughts into words, or even these well intended thoughts into actions.

I’m here, with this tiny little blog-o-thing, to help you break through … Unfortunately, no one is listening. The Hedonic Treadmill keeps chugging along.

Opening people’s eyes to the real benefits of yoga and training athletes is more than just enhancing their ability in a tangible way (inflated numbers – fleeting results), but rather – developing deeper thinking, a curious mind and wondering too. This really bothers me, deeply. You know what? It flat-out pisses me off … If you can’t think what you can’t say? Don’t put your thoughts into action – with only half your heart.  I’m comfortable saying for the first time on this platform, that I am gently leading you on a journey for more words, deeper thought and wondering, exploring different ways to say, see and doing “things“.

Many of us are comfortably corralled within the limits of our power of thought, speech and outward actions. We don’t think anything we can’t say and we can’t say much. The truth of the matter, we don’t even come close to doing the things we can do, and we certainly don’t do much. More often than naught, a closed mind isn’t stubborn, just stunted in its ability to grow, in hibernation so to speak. I feel the same way in-regards to how we live in this byzantine world we called home now-a-days.

Daily Meditation:

To get by in the ultra competitive world we live in, all we need is a few things to think and say, a few things to do, and a few ways to stop our thoughts from running beyond what we’ve already thought.

I feel my work here is done, be well and do take care.

CultFit Luck

Monday 26 March 2012

If you are convincing yourself to do something, you are doing the wrong thing. This is the litmus test-

What a wonderful weekend hanging around doing not much of anything, besides going to the park and enjoying a long walk.  We were pleased as well to wake up Sunday morning with the great news that we have been awarded the Liebster Award from our friend/pal/mate: mymultipersonality.  Thank you so much and shortly (today) we will have a linky thing on the side here that will painstaking show our heart-felt appreciation!

Also, and what a splendid way to start the week: Weight4U awarded us the Versatile Blogger Award!!!  Allow us a few minutes to jump behind the pulpit…

These awards do mean a bunch due to the fact that they signal an investment of time, thought and consideration of the peeps who nominate you.  Basically they read, which in our book is a good thing.  We understand that the posts here at CultFit are not always cute and friendly, neither is life.  You can’t always sit on your “10 paleo diet trick” posts and “do this for ripped abs” fence for long…Dive into the minutia if you like?  Just don’t take an easy stance!

Thank you once again mymultipersonality and Weight4U!

The Plan-

Patterns and loading…Or if you like just go do your program today with reckless abandon?  One of the most primal pleasures in life is watching a little peep take his or her first steps.  Ten to one odds if you can find a scientific article about a peep popping out the womb running (JaJa- Writing in platitudes is exhilarating).  Second to that is watching an “adult” (used very, very loosely) doing yoga or pilates (especially X-Fit peeps) for the first time.  Let’s keep this in mind as we go trough the programs this week…

The Workout-

Not for time and 75 to 80% effort today…Entertain this for a minute:  You know how to go balls out everyday beating the road, the gym.  You are intimately aware of the feeling it provides you.  Is it too much to suggest that working within a set range and peaking at the proper time is foreign to you?!?

Best done outside…

100 Hinge Walk Out Push Ups (10 walk outs – 10 push ups – loosen and lube up the joints, listen to your body this morning) Followed by:

25 Goat Bad Belly Swings Followed by:

25 Reverse Walking Lunges (Thread the needle here, Pattern and Load!!! 5-6 times is cool) Followed by:

25 Broad Jumps (Full Active Hip Extension – Think Long Jumper…Pattern and Load!!!)

Please for the sake of all things holy!!!  Do Not rattle these out like a fool…If 75-80% means little or nothing to you?  Carry on as normal.


Be safe today and most importantly, ENJOY!!!