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We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love-

Meditation, in my humble opinion, is the perfect entry point to many profound experiences in life. Successful meditation and successful “whatever(s)” all start with three simple, yet mindful entry points:

Get Comfortable – Slow Down – Connect to our Breath

When we are able to approach other pursuits in our life, just like we approach meditation (without rushing to go somewhere fast – a means to an end) we are able to touch deeply into ecstatic and erotic states which we once thought were lost.

Daily Meditation:

Our busy lives takes us to a place where we are constantly consumed by our thoughts. It’s possible to reclaim our bodies, our true-selves.  On that note: Before kissing a loved one tenderly, taking a bath or running in the snow … Get Comfortable – Slow Down – Connect to Your Breath

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Change is one of the most vibrant elements we can use to create a different tomorrow-

When we change or let go of the negative “things” in our life? New, better and deeper connections rarely come rushing through the door

The real dirty truth, our souls become bewildering quiet. Life starts to feel boring, discouraging and frustration seeps into every crevice of our being. It seems as though nothing is happening. However Dear Reader(s), this precious moment in our lives (which often seems to last far too long) is THE essential part during the process of change.

Something is indeed happening, we just can’t see it yet primarily do our impatience Like a fluorescent light bulb which needs a period of dormancy as it gathers the needed energy to shine, deep changes are happening which haven’t yet manifested themselves. In my personal case, where I have ended an abusive relationship with myself (If you take pics of your sore knees or whatever after a race to post? You are in an abusive relationship with yourself), I (we) simply need time to heal.


I often get asked why I seek out so much alone time, I simply answer with a smile: Healing and Centering. Be well this afternoon and please take care!

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Enlightenment is intimacy with all things-

I still get shocked by the hostility that sometimes comes flying at me when I write or talk about exploring intimacy, and more specifically how intimacy relates to wellness. To me: There is no delineation between the two.

These days, I am very careful about how to engage in conversations relating to intimacy and wellness, as I have come to realize that there is still a tremendous amount of taboo surrounding talking about our desire(s). It amazes me and stuns me every time I trip over another barrier that is keeping many of us in a place of uncomfortable innuendo rather than a place of delicious pleasure.

The only way that we can break these societal taboos is to talk about the things that can make some people uncomfortable. I choose to do so daily, and some folks may squirm. Although in the end, the barriers to our true spirit whither away and fall apart

Am I actually talking about something radical here? I suppose it all hinges on the premise that pleasing others, is your pleasure? I implore you to think about this today, pretty please?


It should also be noted this post ties directly into the post F(low). If you don’t have an intimate relationship with Yoga – Trail Running – Whatever? Hmm something to consider

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Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity-

*Sunglasses, hard hats and earmuffs and required today We are going to discuss sex and well-being – Yeah*

Too often in relationships, sex, running, yoga, cycling, whatever. We go with the flow of sailing a steady and predictable course. We believe “things” are going well, great even as long as there are no rough waters ahead: Injuries, setbacks and unnamed surprises We think everything in between the sheets and life must be fine. We’re safe, comfortable, maybe we even think at times that safe and comfortable add up to happiness? Sadly, this is not the case.

Then one day and maybe this day is this morning, someone asks us what you really want out of life, what you really desire? Do you desire to punish your body only to leave your loved ones, wanting?

Embracing vulnerability, I am going to share a list, a list of what I desire – feel free to add to this list in the comments below or share them with a loved one later, either way, only you know what you really want.

A day of not being in pain of some sort or another …
A hand on my lower back and knee that magically heals me …
A gentle hug(s) that last forever …
A smile that makes me smile …
A hand that reaches across to mine during a drive, to take mine …


“What the hell is the point of this post before a long holiday weekend, seriously?”

Creating space for yourself to identify what you want, in “whatever” … yourself, your running program, your relationship(s)? Is pretty cool! Gently move closer to a place that feels right, that nourishes your body and spirit rather than depleting it.

Be well this weekend and please take care.

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