Lost Scroll

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love-

Meditation, in my humble opinion, is the perfect entry point to many profound experiences in life. Successful meditation and successful “whatever(s)” all start with three simple, yet mindful entry points:

Get Comfortable – Slow Down – Connect to our Breath

When we are able to approach other pursuits in our life, just like we approach meditation (without rushing to go somewhere fast – a means to an end) we are able to touch deeply into ecstatic and erotic states which we once thought were lost.

Daily Meditation:

Our busy lives takes us to a place where we are constantly consumed by our thoughts. It’s possible to reclaim our bodies, our true-selves.  On that note: Before kissing a loved one tenderly, taking a bath or running in the snow … Get Comfortable – Slow Down – Connect to Your Breath

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