Change is one of the most vibrant elements we can use to create a different tomorrow-

When we change or let go of the negative “things” in our life? New, better and deeper connections rarely come rushing through the door

The real dirty truth, our souls become bewildering quiet. Life starts to feel boring, discouraging and frustration seeps into every crevice of our being. It seems as though nothing is happening. However Dear Reader(s), this precious moment in our lives (which often seems to last far too long) is THE essential part during the process of change.

Something is indeed happening, we just can’t see it yet primarily do our impatience Like a fluorescent light bulb which needs a period of dormancy as it gathers the needed energy to shine, deep changes are happening which haven’t yet manifested themselves. In my personal case, where I have ended an abusive relationship with myself (If you take pics of your sore knees or whatever after a race to post? You are in an abusive relationship with yourself), I (we) simply need time to heal.


I often get asked why I seek out so much alone time, I simply answer with a smile: Healing and Centering. Be well this afternoon and please take care!

CultFit Rising


3 Comments on “(la)tente”

  1. Sandra says:

    🙂 Smiling on the inside, nodding on the outside.
    The thunderstorm this morning came when I needed to stop running. I listened to momma nature and called it good. I tell you what though, there is NOTHING like running in a misty morning, unable to see where the clouds begin because the envelop you, hearing the thunder nearby but not seeing the flash of light, and seeing the brilliance of leaves in their effervescent glow of fall against the autumn mist.
    And a happy HAPPY dog at the end of the leash pulling me onward.
    Thanks for your words. The abuse indeed must end.

    • CultFit says:

      The picture you so eloquently painted in my heart is what I miss the most this time of year … Total surrender to something infinitely more beautiful than some dude trudging along a path 😉
      Feel like meeting up one of these mornings or afternoons for a tea? My treat … Take care my friend and be well!

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