Change is one of the most vibrant elements we can use to create a different tomorrow-

When we change or let go of the negative “things” in our life? New, better and deeper connections rarely come rushing through the door

The real dirty truth, our souls become bewildering quiet. Life starts to feel boring, discouraging and frustration seeps into every crevice of our being. It seems as though nothing is happening. However Dear Reader(s), this precious moment in our lives (which often seems to last far too long) is THE essential part during the process of change.

Something is indeed happening, we just can’t see it yet primarily do our impatience Like a fluorescent light bulb which needs a period of dormancy as it gathers the needed energy to shine, deep changes are happening which haven’t yet manifested themselves. In my personal case, where I have ended an abusive relationship with myself (If you take pics of your sore knees or whatever after a race to post? You are in an abusive relationship with yourself), I (we) simply need time to heal.


I often get asked why I seek out so much alone time, I simply answer with a smile: Healing and Centering. Be well this afternoon and please take care!

CultFit Rising



What you seek is seeking you-

It is fascinating to note that as my sense of self-appreciation slowly increases, the attraction(s) in my life have begun to change.

The delicate conversation of self-appreciation revolves around attributes to which I call “true gifts.” These attributes encompass my personal places of deepest sensitivity, emotions – laid barre so to speak. These are the aspects of my true nature that can be touched most deeply, or hurt most terribly. These parts are as unique as my fingerprints and the physical scars I wear; they are my true “authentic self.”  At times they might feel like true gifts, and at other times like deep flaws (if you have had the pleasure of fracturing an orbital bone? You know of what I speak of

I’d like to share something with you this afternoon: Until we learn to embrace our true gifts? We will be continually attracted to people and “things” that devalue us. Please, think about this today as you pour half your heart into your yoga practice, or anything else for that matter.

As I learned to express and embrace the very qualities which have made me feel vulnerable and different, my attraction(s) slowly began to change. I started to lose my taste for “things” which chipped away at me and this is truly a wonderful experience.


Our true gifts are not easily found It’s when we pause to seek what nourishes and inspires us: Supportive family and friends, yoga outside one morning, or a brisk walk during lunch  … Something to think about.

CultFit Out