CultFit in the New Year

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act-

Pop quiz Hot Shots:

The Best CultFit Posts of 2012

Gathered conveniently for you, here are the best posts from 2012, as judged by some random dude (actually all of you):

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Tuesday 24 April 2012 1,673
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Wednesday 20 June 2012 1,197
Wednesday 4 April 2012 1,188
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Sunday 11 September 2011 1,151
Friday 27 April 2012 1,149
Wednesday 9 May 2012 1,134
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The Beautiful Blogger Award… 1,122

What to look forward to in 2013

We are going step back and strip CultFit of all its distractions, gimmicks, promotions and more.  The main objective is to leave you, our Dear Reader with a pure and simple reading experience.  Reading and digesting the words presented to you without any distractions.

What we feel is necessary for a simple, enjoyable reading experience:

  1. Pithy, socially relevant topics to help you come to peace with your body and mind
  2. No comments or “like” buttons to distract you from our message
  3. A pleasant and easily read format
  4. Minimal navigation, Minimal pics.  Featured content for a “In and Out” experience
  5. A breath of fresh air amidst a sea of distractions

CultFit Bear

The CultFit as you have come to love (used extremely loosely) will simply not be the same …

The “Workout” in 2013

Acquaint yourself with this lovely word:



Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.
A heuristic process or method.

CultFit Cat

What does time mean to you?  We believe time is functionally similar to volatility in our lives:  The more time, the more you can achieve, the more disorder to bathe in.  Consider, that if you can suffer limited harm to your body if exposed to small errors (a brisk run, snappy kettlebell work), time brings the kind of “errors” that end up benefitting YOU.  We like to call this experience.  Other programs will break you with their use of time, not here.
Proper Form, Seek Flow, Develop Grace … Only then will we find Perfection


Slowly and surely we will be migrating content to our new site, so all hope is not lost!  CultFit will still be here tomorrow, in all its dreadful glory.  Thank you once again for making CultFit what it is!  Be well this New Year and ENJOY!!!

CultFit Frodo

Now Run Along

There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people whom one has ceased to love-

We are in such poor shape, feeding on ourselves day in and day out.  So much so that we are too worn out to do anything about it.  Doing nothing does not help either … Fantastic!!!  We are trapped in a vicious cycle.

I’ve lost complete interest in the simple things I once enjoyed.

I have little hope of making it through this day.

Take a deep breath, Walk with us …

Clear your cluttered mind and consider your situation:  Today has been a struggle, let’s continue to simply put one foot in front of the other … Building momentum and slowly regaining the energy we have been lacking to get by.

The Plan-

Link of the day:  Post Election Depression

The Workout-

Man Makers of the KB Variety

Pick a nice, challenging weight and keep going for 5 complete sets.  If you have to break up the set of 5?  You incur a penalty of 20 Perfect Push Ups … We don’t recommend breaking up the sets!


Balance.  Nifty word isn’t it?!?  Does the top of the post make sense at all?  Here’s the answer you are looking for: We (you reading in the car as well) have a nasty habit of doing nothing … and then doing way too much.  Fourteen words for you to think about … ENJOY!!!

**Quit straddling the fence and jump into the Comment Pool Below.  The temp of the water is just right, so far.**

Forgiveness CrossFit Relationships Family Health


Thomas Edison es un Gilipollas. Segunda Parte …

Electricity is really just organized lightning-

Come to order!  Quite down now peeps!  Seriously, hush up so we can get down to business on this beautiful Thursday morning.

Our first order of business today is to recognize Sal from Mammoth Caves, Kentucky for recognizing the humor behind “Frogballs, Arkansas“.  The rest of you should be ashamed and while you’re at it … Put on your great shame faces for the rest of the morning.

The second order of business is to painstaking point out yet again that hipsters are taking over the world!  The Fairdale Dograck, peeps!?!  So apparently embarrassing the ever-living hell out of your little buddy is cool?  For our amusement will someone today try to formulate a solid argument as to why this pet rack is even needed?  We have a dude here at CultFit who uses an old Burley D’Lite Kid Kart for his bike to chauffeur Old Bailey around.  The kids have outgrown it, Bailey is getting old and wait for it … It’s damn comfortable!!!  Plus Bailey can bring a mate along while protecting the ice-cold beer!  Hipster bike pet rack:  This Dear Reader is the Sign of the Apocalypse!!!

Finally and we are dead nuts serious about this.  Rarely, if ever do we use this platform to twist your arm into action.  We’re all adults and you are free to do what you please.

Remember when we last spoke about this dashing, fine young man:

If not read up HERE.

Peeps, our dear friend The Oatmeal(<–Must Clicky!!!) is heading up a spirited effort to purchase the land where the Wardenclyffe Tower once stood.  There is no museum in the United States dedicated to Nikola Tesla and we need your help!!!

To help support and build a goddamn Tesla Museum please click here:  Operation Let’s Build …

To read The Oatmeal and his thoughts about this amazing project:  Help Me raise …

For what its worth: We put all of our kids tuition money into supporting this project!!!  Oh and Thomas Edison is a douche bag!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … Some Self Reiki and Quiet Meditation.

This is why ‘Merica and in particular, Wyoming is the place to be to watch the  Perseid meteor shower.


We are stoked at the thought of a Tesla Museum being built here in ‘Merica.  Any help you guys can toss in is much appreciated!  Even if its only sharing with a friend or getting this message out to a wider audience.  Any and all help is better than none at all!!!  Have a splendid day today peeps and ENJOY!!!