Thomas Edison es un Gilipollas. Segunda Parte …

Electricity is really just organized lightning-

Come to order!  Quite down now peeps!  Seriously, hush up so we can get down to business on this beautiful Thursday morning.

Our first order of business today is to recognize Sal from Mammoth Caves, Kentucky for recognizing the humor behind “Frogballs, Arkansas“.  The rest of you should be ashamed and while you’re at it … Put on your great shame faces for the rest of the morning.

The second order of business is to painstaking point out yet again that hipsters are taking over the world!  The Fairdale Dograck, peeps!?!  So apparently embarrassing the ever-living hell out of your little buddy is cool?  For our amusement will someone today try to formulate a solid argument as to why this pet rack is even needed?  We have a dude here at CultFit who uses an old Burley D’Lite Kid Kart for his bike to chauffeur Old Bailey around.  The kids have outgrown it, Bailey is getting old and wait for it … It’s damn comfortable!!!  Plus Bailey can bring a mate along while protecting the ice-cold beer!  Hipster bike pet rack:  This Dear Reader is the Sign of the Apocalypse!!!

Finally and we are dead nuts serious about this.  Rarely, if ever do we use this platform to twist your arm into action.  We’re all adults and you are free to do what you please.

Remember when we last spoke about this dashing, fine young man:

If not read up HERE.

Peeps, our dear friend The Oatmeal(<–Must Clicky!!!) is heading up a spirited effort to purchase the land where the Wardenclyffe Tower once stood.  There is no museum in the United States dedicated to Nikola Tesla and we need your help!!!

To help support and build a goddamn Tesla Museum please click here:  Operation Let’s Build …

To read The Oatmeal and his thoughts about this amazing project:  Help Me raise …

For what its worth: We put all of our kids tuition money into supporting this project!!!  Oh and Thomas Edison is a douche bag!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … Some Self Reiki and Quiet Meditation.

This is why ‘Merica and in particular, Wyoming is the place to be to watch the  Perseid meteor shower.


We are stoked at the thought of a Tesla Museum being built here in ‘Merica.  Any help you guys can toss in is much appreciated!  Even if its only sharing with a friend or getting this message out to a wider audience.  Any and all help is better than none at all!!!  Have a splendid day today peeps and ENJOY!!!

8 Comments on “Thomas Edison es un Gilipollas. Segunda Parte …”

  1. jazfagan says:

    Is that a Welsh Corgy burried in the sand?

  2. Amanda says:

    The Oatmeal you say…why we must be long lost relatives! Perhaps, as my name would suggest, I am the City Oatmeal and he the Country. Either way, I support the hell out of him!

    Bravo on cosmic timing on the Carlin reference today – I am listening to a podcast from his daughter, Kelly, all about her one-woman show dedicated to the trials and tribulations of being George’s daughter. Whoa man.

    • CultFit says:

      Which podcast were you listening to? I’m a huge George Carlin fan … Thomas the Tank Engine? I’m sure you are familiar with him?!? George narrated a couple seasons of this awesome show and he did a brilliant job! As a grown man I can comfortably say I love watching these. Have a great weekend!!!

      • Amanda says:

        I was listening to Mohr Stories from Jay Mohr – excellent, excellent podcast. I know that my first exposure to George Carlin was his Thomas the Tank Engine phase. I’m grateful to my dad’s record collection that I soon realized Carlin’s true potential!

        • CultFit says:

          Your Dad sounds like a great man! Without the little guy here I would have never watched Thomas. I feel now that this was some of his best work. Not to get all technical … Its like he learned the script for the show, and told the same story in his brilliant style.
          Hope you have a great weekend once again!

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