CultFit in the New Year

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act-

Pop quiz Hot Shots:

The Best CultFit Posts of 2012

Gathered conveniently for you, here are the best posts from 2012, as judged by some random dude (actually all of you):

This is profoundly sad … 11,683
Tuesday 24 April 2012 1,673
Testing The Path Not Normally Taken 1,481
Maybe It’s His Fault 1,391
Grappling With Forgiveness 1,356
Guide to the London Summer Games: CultFit Style 1,259
Big Trouble Upstairs 1,221
Wednesday 20 June 2012 1,197
Wednesday 4 April 2012 1,188
A Thought Provoking Blog … 1,152
Sunday 11 September 2011 1,151
Friday 27 April 2012 1,149
Wednesday 9 May 2012 1,134
You Brought A Gun To A Knife Fight … 1,127
The Beautiful Blogger Award… 1,122

What to look forward to in 2013

We are going step back and strip CultFit of all its distractions, gimmicks, promotions and more.  The main objective is to leave you, our Dear Reader with a pure and simple reading experience.  Reading and digesting the words presented to you without any distractions.

What we feel is necessary for a simple, enjoyable reading experience:

  1. Pithy, socially relevant topics to help you come to peace with your body and mind
  2. No comments or “like” buttons to distract you from our message
  3. A pleasant and easily read format
  4. Minimal navigation, Minimal pics.  Featured content for a “In and Out” experience
  5. A breath of fresh air amidst a sea of distractions

CultFit Bear

The CultFit as you have come to love (used extremely loosely) will simply not be the same …

The “Workout” in 2013

Acquaint yourself with this lovely word:



Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.
A heuristic process or method.

CultFit Cat

What does time mean to you?  We believe time is functionally similar to volatility in our lives:  The more time, the more you can achieve, the more disorder to bathe in.  Consider, that if you can suffer limited harm to your body if exposed to small errors (a brisk run, snappy kettlebell work), time brings the kind of “errors” that end up benefitting YOU.  We like to call this experience.  Other programs will break you with their use of time, not here.
Proper Form, Seek Flow, Develop Grace … Only then will we find Perfection


Slowly and surely we will be migrating content to our new site, so all hope is not lost!  CultFit will still be here tomorrow, in all its dreadful glory.  Thank you once again for making CultFit what it is!  Be well this New Year and ENJOY!!!

CultFit Frodo

Don’t Start Me Talking

If I can bicycle, I bicycle-

Last week we posted a list of links about the perils facing runners when they lace ’em up and head out for a brisk run  This morning while sipping on some freshly brewed orange tea we decided to put together a list of perils facing cyclist.  Few things in life are worse than getting hit by a car.  Typically driven by a yoga mom experiencing difficulties navigating to the studio with her new iPhone 5.  Unlike runners who are advised to run against traffic, cyclist or at least the law-abiding ones should follow the rules of the road.  Which present a fresh set of challenges to our two-wheeled friends to say the least.  So without further ado … Allow us to suck the joy out of your lovely Thursday morning.

Experienced Cyclist

Injured Courier Warns Other Cyclist

Killed By Hit and Run

Cyclist Hit By Train

Struck By Car

Patience is a Virtue

Cycle Harassment

Cycle Sandwich

Cyclist Knifed a Dude

Cyclist Shot by a Pellet Gun


Magpie In The Sky

Cyclist Hits Bambi

The Plan-

Click HERE because you know you want to!

The Workout-

Rest Day … The temperature outdoors begs us to go for a Run yet our bodies scream for a morning filled with Yoga and Meditation.  Not in a crowded Yoga Studio …Maybe a trip to the park would do the trick?!?



If you are a cyclist and see this image in front of you while stopped at a red light?  Consider yourself lucky  … ENJOY!!!