My beerdrunk soul is sadder than all the dead christmas trees of the world-

A former hockey coach once pulled me aside during practice to tell me, “Don’t beat yourself up comparing your abilities to the other players. There will always be players better than you, and worse than you. The most important “thing” is to ask yourself right now: “Am I improving?

What the hell did that coach just tell me? Seriously old dude, I’m 19, in peak physical shape, my sh!t don’t stink and I’m playing the best hockey of my life

Fast forward 19 years, and what my caring coach so passionately shared with me – Not comparing myself to “others” is often easier said than done. Open up your heart and eyes this morning and take notice of how we are constantly being bombarded by advertisements preying on our insecurities: You have been a bum all year, You are fat and out of shape, You ate one too many eggnog cheesecake(s) within the past week. Our addiction to social media feeds our jealousy by creating the illusion that other people are living happier, more fulfilling lives than our own.

On this, the most vulnerable day of the year (for many caring people). I implore you to stop comparing yourself to others, and instead compare yourself to the person you were one year ago – right now. Are you happier, more confident and peaceful?

Daily Meditation:

Getting in tune with our true wishes, our deepest wishes that lie underneath our insecurities and envy? Is hard work, and it’s certainly not cool to boast about on FaceTube. What the hell am I trying to say? Setting an intention this New year  Is pretty damn cool!

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One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory-

What does our inner self sound like when it gently whispers to the world? My inner self, sounds like peace – and swearing, swearing then peace – something to that extent

It’s interesting to witness someone in the throes of exploring the sound of their authentic self during yoga class, even while changing a newborns diaper (anything). Very often we will ask the instructor, a dear friend or our mother in law, what they think is going on:  “Hey – Do you think I’m…?”  they, too frequently responding with, “Yeah, you’re probably right …”  Or, if we don’t ask, we just make assumptions based on what’s happening within our mind(s), based on the worst case scenario(s):  “I guess I just suck at yoga … Damn dirty diapers!

This deflating inner dialog leads us away from our true authentic self.

Peace, is calling us home through these trying moments in our lives. We can say “Fu*k it” and choose to ignore peace, continuing on the same path that created the resentment, the bitterness. We can choose to partially ignore it, and partially listen to it (men have perfected this tactic), leaving ourselves sitting perpetually on the fence, giving ourselves halfheartedly to the world 

Daily Meditation:

Or, we can choose to listen to ourselves, honor our deepest truth(s) and begin to do “things” – Differently.

Be well this weekend and please take care!

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When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen-

National Day of Listening

Daily Meditation:

Have a beautiful, inspiring weekend friends Take care!

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What you seek is seeking you-

It is fascinating to note that as my sense of self-appreciation slowly increases, the attraction(s) in my life have begun to change.

The delicate conversation of self-appreciation revolves around attributes to which I call “true gifts.” These attributes encompass my personal places of deepest sensitivity, emotions – laid barre so to speak. These are the aspects of my true nature that can be touched most deeply, or hurt most terribly. These parts are as unique as my fingerprints and the physical scars I wear; they are my true “authentic self.”  At times they might feel like true gifts, and at other times like deep flaws (if you have had the pleasure of fracturing an orbital bone? You know of what I speak of

I’d like to share something with you this afternoon: Until we learn to embrace our true gifts? We will be continually attracted to people and “things” that devalue us. Please, think about this today as you pour half your heart into your yoga practice, or anything else for that matter.

As I learned to express and embrace the very qualities which have made me feel vulnerable and different, my attraction(s) slowly began to change. I started to lose my taste for “things” which chipped away at me and this is truly a wonderful experience.


Our true gifts are not easily found It’s when we pause to seek what nourishes and inspires us: Supportive family and friends, yoga outside one morning, or a brisk walk during lunch  … Something to think about.

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If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people-

We tend to naturally treat some of our thoughts as superior to others. Moment of honesty folks – All of us at one time or another believed we were smarter and superior to those around us At times these intuitions guide us fairly well and during other times, rather poorly. Gather around if you like, as I lament, once again about honing our intuition and judgment

As much as we tend to think our perfect little lives are well – perfect. Our intuitions and actions have evolved, we have learned subtle adaptations honed slowly to fit the “imperfect” world we live in.

Touching on mindfulness once again I firmly believe mindfulness is best cultivated through critical thinking, through taking inventory of our weaknesses, the places where we’re naturally prone to misinterpret reality.  Thinking Slowly and Diligently rather than Fast and Easy. I – We automatically favor thinking fast, it’s what we have been programmed to do after all! We favor the path of least resistance, although with practice we can make the harder path easier That’s why we do what we do right? We meditate because its easy, we perform yoga because we are super flexible, we max out the leg abductor machine because its easy, we write touching blog posts about painful situations we are too scared to confront in real life, it’s why we argue with loved ones via text than face to face, held close – The easier path

Mindfulness practice is easy. Breathing is just being. It takes courage to let go of a pesky thought, the ability to say, “I’m thinking way too much about this” and to ultimately – let go, surrender.


I wish more people would allow mindfulness to expose the “sad but true” moments in their lives. I passionately do … Be well today and please take care.

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