Don’t You Evah

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be-

Delicacy and intentioned outcome. Could we be talking about: Walking, Yoga, Breathing, Love, Playing with Lego’s? Possibly, let’s narrow our attention on meditation this morning. If meditation is so not cool enough for you? Feel free to empower yourself to change it to whatever you like.

Why meditation talk again? Well, you can do all of the above and more while meditating. Our thoughts shape our reality in ways we all too often take for granted (post from yesterday), the effectiveness of our meditation practice hinges upon our state of mind. Not getting the results you seek through meditation … Take a look at your attitude, paying attention to our attitudes towards meditation and how we meditate, is critical. Some attitudes are especially powerful in hindering the positive and beneficial effects of meditation: Vanity, Ego, Competition. Yet it seems that far too often we fall into these thought-patterns, resulting in us having a unfocused meditation experience with undesired results.

Be at ease, present in the moment

Meditating is not a marathon, warrior dash or whatever competition suites you the best. Meditation is one of those “things” in life where the quicker you try to get it done, the worse the outcome is (any other areas in life where this is true?). Slow down, relax and chill in a tranquil state of mind. No need to rush, study, read up on meditative techniques and time yourself in the act. Time, does not exist in a meditative state. The truly productive “things” in life take longer than a few moments to blossom.


I’m hoping the messages here are starting to settle in a bit, making you uncomfortable and vulnerable. Be forewarned: Friday’s post is going to pithy, rich and basically? It’s going to expose what we are all doing wrong in regards to health, fitness, whatever (clues are buried in the prior two weeks posts- FYI).

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