Ca Plane Pour Moi

Living vicariously through the experiences of others-

Today’s sign of the Apocalypse:  Justin Beiber offered pro hockey contract!?!

This post is going to get little or no attention from you today.  Why you may ask?  Primarily due to the launch of the new iPhone which you are obsessed with as well as trying to look like somebody else …

Living vicariously through others  has permeated every facet of our fitness lives, so much so that we all assume that everyone should have “rock hard abs” and “salacious curves and tasty thighs”   Peeps, sometimes we all need to take a step back and remember that we workout to be healthy, not to look like someone else.

Some of these fitness models we see on Pinterest and Tumblr have some very nice features, like  “Huge fake breasts and flawless spray tans“.  But really, at the end of the day, this person is just a fitness model.  You may strive endlessly  to obtain their body …  If you’re working out to simply stay healthy and to keep active?  Chances are you are not a fitness model, bummer.  Being authentic and embracing who you are may not get you on the cover of Shape, and it’s certainly not going to wow your Pinterest obsessed friends.  But trust us, you are doing a fine job already.

And if you could so kindly give us another second of your time: This is really important.  The ThinSpo/FitSpo peeps are currently running the fitness world asylum, and the dedicated hardworking people who just want to workout and have fun:  Feel like they need to kill themselves in the gym and spend $$$ on the best gear if they are going to be considered “serious.”  Working out and being active should not be balls to the wall back-breaking work all the time.  It’s supposed to be fun. FitSpo has its place  if all you care about is looks and vanity (Yeah … “its my B-Day peeps here in the blog-o-world”).  Although if you’re going out with some mates for a run or bike ride?  Or simply enjoying a holiday weekend camping with the family?  Enjoy yourself as you are!!!

We joke around a lot around here but we are dead serious when we say that the DSM-IV has begun the process of classifying ThinSpo as a mental disorder, take that for what its worth peeps!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Tag!  Your it!!!  I’ll grab the kettlebells and you grab the gallon jug of water … We’ll begin out back in a bit!

A nice Trail Run and our classy Happy Hips Warm Up Followed by:

With a mate …

One person Runs one minute out and back.  The other person can either perform a KB Rack Hold or Goblet Squats.

Not just ten squats or whatever … Keep moving the whole time while your partner is out running!  Switch up and carry on for about 20 minutes.

**No sandbagging or being a prick to your mate!  An honest effort pays off here today peeps.**


Who are we kidding?  Another post about being authentic just whizzed by your head: Must pre-order iPhone 5 in white …


22 Comments on “Ca Plane Pour Moi”

  1. Jill says:

    Your birthday?! Buried in the post to see if we are paying attention? 🙂
    Enjoy your day!!

    • CultFit says:

      I wish! My b-day is not until December. 🙂 This was a late addition after doing some reading this morning. The first five blogs I sat down to read were titled: “Yeah its my birthday …”. Nothing like patting yourself on the back in the morning. 😉

  2. lizforaday says:

    You won’t believe, I didn’t know that there was a new IPhone out. I am not in any danger of running over anyone to get one. I think my current one serves it’s purpose and that is coming from a total gadget junkie. We spend so much money on upgrades it is ridiculous. Hey as usual great post. 🙂 I must admit that I am sometimes one of the vicarious on lookers.

    • CultFit says:

      I still have a 3g, kicking it old school here!!!
      Our society right now is tip-toeing the “motivation/ThinSpo” line. One misstep will take you down a very dark path. Heck, Looking at fit women helps motivate me … Same as Tom Brady?!? 😉 Its when motivation begins to become obsession: This is when we start seeing problems.
      Hope you have a beautiful day today!!!

  3. Somer says:

    Um, I’m scared of the girls with huge fake racks and perma tans at the gym. Are they there to work out, or to show off the cleavage that is pouring out of their tank top?

    Dude, what a roast about the birthday comment, nice hide….!

    p.s. I broke up with Good Clean Food and got my own gig:

    • CultFit says:

      A man can only take so much. 😉

      Thank you for the heads up on your lovely new gig! If you like, I would be more than happy to give you some love in the next few posts to get the word out for you?

      Let me know either way! Take care today. 🙂

      • Somer says:

        I understand, which is why these girls are also the ones surrounded with the flock of drooling meat heads with shirts that are too tight for their bodies and carrying a gallon of water 😉

        Hey, that would be awesome, but don’t put yourself out! We might scare off your readers if you keep advertising me. One shout out would be very kind!

        You too!

    • CultFit says:

      Why thank you! My actual B-Day is not for a few months. 🙂 I was just poking the “look at me crowd” in the ribs. 😉
      I hope you have a great day today and keep up all of your hard work! It does not go unnoticed!!!

      • Well Well Well, when I responded there weren’t responses posted yet, so clearly I look like a moron! As I re-read I get the poking part, I thought you were just trying to be elusive to differentiate us half ass readers, apparently ME, heheh and those who actually have half a brain. Moving forward… Have a great day yourself. And just save my birthday wishes for the future!

  4. urbanbeings says:

    sorry, what was that about fake boobs? was playing with my new iPhone 5 😉 awesome workout! will have to make a friend now!!! have a great day 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      Well, if your were not like 6000 miles away … You can do this program alone although its just not the same. You need someone to push you through! I get the hand me down phones and hand me down flip flops around here. My track record of breaking them does not help!
      Fake boob?!? Where …

      • urbanbeings says:

        typical me, only one reference to ‘huge fake breasts’ and i’m all over it!!! well, till my current phone is beyond repair i refuse to get a new one, not that i can see any pro for an iPhone5. yes, my bad for living in London! but at least you are on line for inspiration, and for that i am grateful 🙂 thank you!

  5. garagegym107 says:

    What’s an IPhone? 🙂

  6. How do I nominate you to Freshly Pressed!! (Just kidding. I know we can’t do that, but we should be able to.)

  7. bgddyjim says:

    I like my 4GS just fine… And what’s wrong with tasty thighs? I dig mine – and they’re. Bought and paid for… With sweat equity. Tasty thighs are awesome! Woohoo!

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