Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do)-

It seems that in today’s world we have the freedom to pick and choose form a potpourri basket of interests …

Check it out! I’m like totally doing this 30 day paleo, meditation, yoga, power walking, green smoothie, smiling at strangers, whole body cleanse thing! Just read about this push up challenge and hill sprint interval thing as well!

Why do we choose to pursue a wide variety of “things” simultaneously and figure out how to do these “things” in a way and on a level that is average at best?

My friend and I had a great workout at the box yesterday! 5 rounds of: 15 push ups – 15 jumping jacks – 15 sit ups – 15 walls balls and a 400m run. I still need to work on my push ups though, three years now and they are still pretty sloppy.

Whatever happened to developing a deep knowledge base, knowing information (not stored on a gadget) and total devotion to the pursuit of mastery in a single field?

I forget what my split times are in the pool but I’m thinking if I can work on my transition more it should make up for my poor swimming performance … Maybe?!?

Are we afraid as a society to endure the intense work, discipline and willingness it takes to master a selected discipline? Are we afraid to embrace the risk needed to walk away from merely being “average” in the name of becoming extraordinary at one?

It’s the same during every century ride: Chum it up with the guys for the first few miles, then I ride alone for the remainder of the time, lost in my thoughts, worried about “something”? I suppose it’s the 8am yoga class tomorrow and the 5k at noon?!?

Yearn for the sense of intensity, focus and intrinsic reward that comes from the single-minded quest to master a particular body of knowledge: Yoga, mediation, martial arts, relationship(s), life etc. Radiate the pure energy and passionate spirit that comes not only from having attained mastery, but from simply being in the process of mastery. The secret Dear Reader lies here in the process of seeking mastery, this is where we find awareness, comfort, stillness, joy, harmony and balance.


Do you, deep down inside, feel satisfied knowing that you are merely pretty decent at a bunch of “things”, but not exceptional at any?


CultFit Rain

Starry Eyed

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple-

Smiling: Evidence

“There must be a secret, hidden cleverly in today’s message?”

Maybe, the secret is accepting that our very own humane behavior towards others … Are their own reward(s), rather than an investment for an expected future return. We implore you to practice today, replacing the following thought:

I’ll be nice to you so you’ll do something for me with:

I’ll be nice to you because I feel passionately, that it’s the right thing to do and will make it more likely that you will be nice to someone else, who then may be nice to another person today.

That’s it folks, pithy enough for you!?!

The Workout-

Did you know that Adho Mukha Svanasana is a pose of rest, harmony and balance?!?

CultFit Rest

A pose of rest, not struggle …


Hinge Walk Out Perfect Push Ups – Resting in Adho Mukha Svanasana between sets.

*This little program is something we practice weekly here, away from the inter-webz*


We are starting to hone and redefine what it means in essence, to live fully, everyday.  To forgive, love and do no harm. Remember, CultFit is a heuristic process and not something that IS. A tad deep today, on purpose.  Be well.

CultFit Dead End

Open Slowly

When you find yourself, who you really are, you will find that everybody and everything is One-

All of us struggle daily to make life meaningful by grasping and holding onto the “things” in our life.  This is a wasted effort on our part.  The meaning to life is everywhere, just take a moment to look around.  We force ourselves to find Meaning and burden ourselves trying to Create relationships.

Not too sure where we are going with this topic, maybe?!?

The Plan-

CultFit Sled

The Workout-

Awaken your senses with a nice flowing, Sun Salutation series.  Followed by:

8 Perfect Pull Ups (fully open and lengthen at the bottom … )

8 KB Halo’s (fully open around the back of your head … )

8 Perfect Push Ups (Press through the floor at the top … )

8 KB Plank Side Press (Ask if you need a hand setting these up …)

CultFit Parking


Relationships are a fundamental part of life.  They can be both profound yet subtle at the same time … Take the time to forge a lasting, meaningful relationship with your fitness program or anything really.  Be well today and ENJOY!!!

Picture 001

Monday 2 April 2012

We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears-

Today’s sign that there may be a future for mankind:  Five Fingers Increase Injury Risk

A rare post from us here yesterday on April Fool’s Day.  Maybe the only time we ever posted on the weekend?  Anyways the past few weeks here we have literally been tossing out ideas in the hopes that they gain some traction and go somewhere productive.  Life is about finding balance is it not?  This is especially so after injuries and life changing events: Birth of a kiddo, loss of a limb (figurative not literally) etc…

The Plan-

We have looked into the future and… This may be you on Friday if you follow the programs this week?!?

The Workout-

We had to go way, way back to dig this program out of our: “Show no Shame” series here at CultFit HQ…

Warm Up as you see fit and certainly Not For Time

200 Perfect Push Up Walk Outs (10×20 is a good start) followed by and pay attention peeps:

Hinge-Walkout-High Push Up Plank…Feet should be together at this point.  Widen feet past shoulder length…Walk Hands out…Think Ab Roller minus the ab roller!?!  Bring feet back together and walk hands back up to standing…Let’s do this after every set of Perfect Push Up Walk Outs, shale we?

That’s it…Or is it?  There is a certain element key to this program and the key is to tap into it early.  Flow, grace and confidence certainly play a part in today’s program.  If you find yourself struggling after 10  push ups, stop!

Step back and in peace go through a Sun Salutation Series until you find: Breath, Flow, Grace, Ease and Confidence.  Too many times we look at a simple push up as a monumental struggle in life…A battle often fought on your knees (Push Ups on your knees may boost confidence although leave you woefully short).


Another long week is in store and be forewarned: You WILL DO over 1500 Perfect Push Ups and 200 Perfect Pull Ups this week (Chica’s 500 and 100)…In one way or another.  Rest Up, Be Safe and ENJOY!!!

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Nine-tenths of education is encouragement-

BREAKING NEWS:  We have recently unearthed the freshest source of water available on Earth and will be selling it here at CultFit HQ on 12-21-2012!

LOST WORLD WATER (<—Don’t be shy!  I’m just a little link-oid lonely over here…)

That’s right peeps, we were first!!!  How’s your Smart Water, Fiji Water and VitaCoCo now?!?

The Plan-

You know the type?  “Hey you just have to read the new Twilight book because I connect with it on so many levels!”  Come on little buddy we won’t tell anyone…Just whisper in our ear the name of “that” person who tried exhaustively in vain trying to convince you to read it?  That’s what we thought!  The same person recommending Random Workouts and over opinionated running shoe reviews via the inter-webz.  We are going to share a link with you in the hopes that at at least one reader will enjoy themselves:  HERE

Mind yourself over there peeps.  The Atlantic carries a certain amount of respect in these parts…

The Workout-

A word(s) of caution is in order due to the fact more albóndigas are performing our programs on a daily basis:

Patience, flow, grace, strive for perfection

Address the program today with a certain amount of respect and aplomb.  We say this honestly after recently hearing back from our Underachievement Department at CultFit HQ…92.3% of you will seriously mess-yo-self up today if you don’t!

Not for time (wink-wink):  Limber up (not to be confused with stretching) then ease into:

Hand Stand Salsa (JaJaJa)-  Flow into a solid handstand, right hand forward, right hand back…you get the point!  5 Minutes of this should be good.

15 Minutes of One Arm Perfect Presses– This is not as many reps!  Find perfection, develop the sense of a perfect press.  This is how Brother Chaz set his up:

Feet together grabbing the floor (develop a solid base that transfers throughout your entire body)

Hammer Curl to Rack Hold (palm facing body and elbow not touching said body)

Your eyes at this point should be focused on your middle finger.  Your wrist should not be bent but rather in-line with the forearm.  The eyes stay with your finger and look throughout the press-  Look through the press!!!

Alternate, rinse and repeat for both arms obviously.


That’s a good one above and yes, we are quite happy pointing it out to you.  Most importantly be safe, find balance (literally) and ENJOY!!!