At the Beginning of Winter

In the shallows of the river
After one o’clock in the afternoon
Ice still
An eighth of an inch thick.
Night never disappears completely
But moves among the shadows
On the bank
Like a glimpse of fur.
Flies and spiderwebs
Appear alone in the flat air.
The naked aspens stand like children
Waiting to be baptized
And the goldenrod too is stripped down
To its bare stalk
In the cold
Even my thoughts
Have lost their foliage.

Tom Hennen

CultFit River

: Face : To the Highway

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how-

Who am I, really?

Would you live any differently than you do today? Would you be any happier, more fulfilled, or satisfied with your life if you could shed the role(s) we so often present ourselves as?

Why do we spend so much time and energy, defining ourselves to others? “Hi, I’m Jeremy – I have X amount of degrees, I’m a Father, I work for X and do X things. I drive a Toyota (not a Prius)” You can probably sense where I am going here?!?

I remember a time when we didn’t define ourselves by “roles“, a time in which we didn’t define anything really, and what a beautiful period of time it was: “I wonder what that Blue Jay is carrying? How long is it before Summer graces us with her warmth? Why does my bike wobble when I pedal faster? What does black raspberry ice-cream taste like?“

A time when small questions revealed our true self. Interesting, to rediscover our true selves we need to be curious and amazed by the small things in life, believing that anything – is truly possible, however out of this world they may be.

Daily Meditation:

I implore you today to substitute your adult “roles“, with “small questions” Innocence. and what it feels like to be in love – Again.

CultFit Shine Through

I’m Sorry …

Why didn’t I learn to treat everything like it was the last time. My greatest regret was how much I believed in the future-

” … Of course! Your blog is just another way of saying we all want to live in a hedonic present, a present where everything is easy and we suffer no consequences for making “whatever” choices we make, the moment we make them. If only more people took notice of how unsuccessful and unhappy a life would be, from adopting a living in the present moment only approach. Are we too lost in ourselves to strike a balance!”

Balance from whose perspective? Mine, that dude over yonder, or your own

Moving forward, one of the main undercurrents to keep in mind as you skim over these posts is: To whom do you owe your greatest allegiance? Do you owe your allegiance to your yoga studio, running club, cycling team, your family, your abusive workout regime?

Life, isn’t just a competition between our now self and our future self. We have for all intents and purposes, an infinite number of future selves, all of whom potentially have competing interests and competing desires.

Daily Meditation:

The question we face when deciding to do “whatever“: Do we abuse our bodies now or save ourselves for the future? Or rather, how much time and energy do we spend now and how much do we save for later in life? In both of these cases, the answer is – It depends Dude.

CultFit Falling

Peter Robinson – Language 

Dedicated To You

Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude-

How many times did you notice this weekend your thoughts and emotions going in two different directions?!? A quick show of hands … Cool, we have a few shaky hands poking up in the back of the room.

We often experience this state of mind whilst practicing yoga, running along a scenic trail, holding hands with a loved one. Our burdened mind tells us that we should forgive, let go of these dreary thoughts and be fully present in this beautiful moment. However, our hearts may be holding on to feelings of bias, doubt and not being able to forgive. Our heats long to forgive, although the rancidity of the thoughts tumbling around in our mind keeps bringing up of past wrongdoing(s).

We create our own limitations when we consciously choose not to forgive.


My hope this week is to share with you and shed a little light on the profound idea that forgiving yourself (and others) is a choice, a choice that we control and a choice that will have the most impact on whatever you choose to engage in (yoga, running, loosing a few pounds etc).

Forgiveness is a powerful feeling, even more powerful than your best 5k time. Forgiveness will release you on the “mat“, in “life“.

CultFit This Way

Pies fríos, amigo?

We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking-

Damn! The marathon I signed up for last October is this *bleepin* Sunday!!!

You remember the evening well, like it was yesterday. The focus on the positives of running a marathon were many: free sweat wicking tee, beer tent passes, the chance to buy a new running outfit. However, as the marathon date started to loom ominously on the horizon, the positive thoughts you once shared with others, quickly turned into negative thoughts that you shard with no one.

Even when doubts become overwhelming, when the call to starting line is announced,it feels painfully hard to back out:

What will my friends think? I quit, I’m a chump, a loser? I bought new shoes and a sweet running skirt, I picked up the race packet last night. We have reservations for pizza and beer after.”

What does it mean to have cold feet, anyways? Is it a small, nagging feeling that a huge mistake is being made or is about to be made, or an internal scream that yells, “Hey stop already! It’s not too late!” How serious does the event need to be on order to be “serious enough” to listen to the doubts, weigh them as more important than the embarrassment of not showing up, the risk of potential injury due to the lack of training and preparation, and back out of the marathon at the last-minute?

It’s one thing to have last-minute doubts about running a marathon you thoughtfully planned, trained dutifully for, back in October; it’s something else altogether to have doubts because you failed to train, you are injury prone and your sense of pride out weighs any other mitigating factors. Cute running outfit not matching included as well!


Purpose of the post today? That the doubts we all experience before a big event should be taken seriously and not buried with “pride” and “status“. Now is the time for reflection and honesty. Because on Monday … Feel free to expose the painful, underlying reality about your torturous marathon experience in a blog post.

Take care and be well this weekend.

CultFit Middle