Monday 2 April 2012

We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears-

Today’s sign that there may be a future for mankind:  Five Fingers Increase Injury Risk

A rare post from us here yesterday on April Fool’s Day.  Maybe the only time we ever posted on the weekend?  Anyways the past few weeks here we have literally been tossing out ideas in the hopes that they gain some traction and go somewhere productive.  Life is about finding balance is it not?  This is especially so after injuries and life changing events: Birth of a kiddo, loss of a limb (figurative not literally) etc…

The Plan-

We have looked into the future and… This may be you on Friday if you follow the programs this week?!?

The Workout-

We had to go way, way back to dig this program out of our: “Show no Shame” series here at CultFit HQ…

Warm Up as you see fit and certainly Not For Time

200 Perfect Push Up Walk Outs (10×20 is a good start) followed by and pay attention peeps:

Hinge-Walkout-High Push Up Plank…Feet should be together at this point.  Widen feet past shoulder length…Walk Hands out…Think Ab Roller minus the ab roller!?!  Bring feet back together and walk hands back up to standing…Let’s do this after every set of Perfect Push Up Walk Outs, shale we?

That’s it…Or is it?  There is a certain element key to this program and the key is to tap into it early.  Flow, grace and confidence certainly play a part in today’s program.  If you find yourself struggling after 10  push ups, stop!

Step back and in peace go through a Sun Salutation Series until you find: Breath, Flow, Grace, Ease and Confidence.  Too many times we look at a simple push up as a monumental struggle in life…A battle often fought on your knees (Push Ups on your knees may boost confidence although leave you woefully short).


Another long week is in store and be forewarned: You WILL DO over 1500 Perfect Push Ups and 200 Perfect Pull Ups this week (Chica’s 500 and 100)…In one way or another.  Rest Up, Be Safe and ENJOY!!!

13 Comments on “Monday 2 April 2012”

  1. urbanbeings says:

    out of curiosity, does Cultfit think it better to do less full pushups, but do them from the toes, or to switch to the knees when they become too much?

    • CultFit says:

      Really good question…Personally, Less from the toes. Our train of thought goes as such: One “Perfect”…(inside tip of why we use perfect) Push Up is better than 10 bad ones. Same goes for pull ups etc.
      All this week we are going to be exploring the loading and patterning of a push up. There will be a lot of Planks, Walk Outs, Reverse Push Ups and of course Pull Ups. The key to all of these is how you breath and hold tension in your body…
      As a fellow climber…This is important! Take care and be well!!!

  2. Dr Ken Romeo says:

    That’s my kind of dog! Nice post

  3. tootallfritz says:

    I do full push-ups but am miserable at them. Can only get in 15 or 20 before stopping. Soooo pathetic. I want to get better!

    • CultFit says:

      It’s tough, but it is a rewarding process. All this week we are going to be tossing out a variety of different ways to go about getting better at them. Keep in mind quality trumps quantity…Two schools of thought: Do more push ups to get better at them, which is true. Tie in other movements to help pattern the push up…This is what we are going to focus on the rest of the week.
      Be safe and train hard!

  4. I may print the last picture on this blog off and keep it somewhere I can reference any time I start comparing myself to someone else.

    • CultFit says:

      Not very often do we find a picture as simple and meaningful as this one. What matters is that it resonated with you and that means a lot, Take care!!!

  5. Amanda says:

    Love the passage at the end of the blog entry – the truth has been spoken.

  6. flylikeagirl says:

    Agree. The only way to get better is to do something well. I am a trainer and can’t get it into people’s heads that sloppy poor form pushups don’t make you stronger!

  7. I must agree here. I am terrible at push-ups and work on them all the time. I have never been a huge upper body strength kinda girl, (also working on that). Not only am I forcing myself to do ‘real’ or ‘perfect’ push-ups in order to improve, I am working out those muscle groups in other ways to help continue to strengthen those areas of the body. Long story short… great post… I agree. I love the passage at the end. LOVE IT. Have a good one!

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