Tuesday 7 February 2012

Nine-tenths of education is encouragement-

BREAKING NEWS:  We have recently unearthed the freshest source of water available on Earth and will be selling it here at CultFit HQ on 12-21-2012!

LOST WORLD WATER (<—Don’t be shy!  I’m just a little link-oid lonely over here…)

That’s right peeps, we were first!!!  How’s your Smart Water, Fiji Water and VitaCoCo now?!?

The Plan-

You know the type?  “Hey you just have to read the new Twilight book because I connect with it on so many levels!”  Come on little buddy we won’t tell anyone…Just whisper in our ear the name of “that” person who tried exhaustively in vain trying to convince you to read it?  That’s what we thought!  The same person recommending Random Workouts and over opinionated running shoe reviews via the inter-webz.  We are going to share a link with you in the hopes that at at least one reader will enjoy themselves:  HERE

Mind yourself over there peeps.  The Atlantic carries a certain amount of respect in these parts…

The Workout-

A word(s) of caution is in order due to the fact more albóndigas are performing our programs on a daily basis:

Patience, flow, grace, strive for perfection

Address the program today with a certain amount of respect and aplomb.  We say this honestly after recently hearing back from our Underachievement Department at CultFit HQ…92.3% of you will seriously mess-yo-self up today if you don’t!

Not for time (wink-wink):  Limber up (not to be confused with stretching) then ease into:

Hand Stand Salsa (JaJaJa)-  Flow into a solid handstand, right hand forward, right hand back…you get the point!  5 Minutes of this should be good.

15 Minutes of One Arm Perfect Presses– This is not as many reps!  Find perfection, develop the sense of a perfect press.  This is how Brother Chaz set his up:

Feet together grabbing the floor (develop a solid base that transfers throughout your entire body)

Hammer Curl to Rack Hold (palm facing body and elbow not touching said body)

Your eyes at this point should be focused on your middle finger.  Your wrist should not be bent but rather in-line with the forearm.  The eyes stay with your finger and look throughout the press-  Look through the press!!!

Alternate, rinse and repeat for both arms obviously.


That’s a good one above and yes, we are quite happy pointing it out to you.  Most importantly be safe, find balance (literally) and ENJOY!!!

2 Comments on “Tuesday 7 February 2012”

  1. I nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award because you rock! http://wp.me/p1t6mc-xF

    • CultFit says:

      Thank you so much and I truly appreciate it. Your blog is one of the first I read on a daily basis and never am I disappointed! Thank you once again!!!

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