Pies fríos, amigo?

We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking-

Damn! The marathon I signed up for last October is this *bleepin* Sunday!!!

You remember the evening well, like it was yesterday. The focus on the positives of running a marathon were many: free sweat wicking tee, beer tent passes, the chance to buy a new running outfit. However, as the marathon date started to loom ominously on the horizon, the positive thoughts you once shared with others, quickly turned into negative thoughts that you shard with no one.

Even when doubts become overwhelming, when the call to starting line is announced,it feels painfully hard to back out:

What will my friends think? I quit, I’m a chump, a loser? I bought new shoes and a sweet running skirt, I picked up the race packet last night. We have reservations for pizza and beer after.”

What does it mean to have cold feet, anyways? Is it a small, nagging feeling that a huge mistake is being made or is about to be made, or an internal scream that yells, “Hey stop already! It’s not too late!” How serious does the event need to be on order to be “serious enough” to listen to the doubts, weigh them as more important than the embarrassment of not showing up, the risk of potential injury due to the lack of training and preparation, and back out of the marathon at the last-minute?

It’s one thing to have last-minute doubts about running a marathon you thoughtfully planned, trained dutifully for, back in October; it’s something else altogether to have doubts because you failed to train, you are injury prone and your sense of pride out weighs any other mitigating factors. Cute running outfit not matching included as well!


Purpose of the post today? That the doubts we all experience before a big event should be taken seriously and not buried with “pride” and “status“. Now is the time for reflection and honesty. Because on Monday … Feel free to expose the painful, underlying reality about your torturous marathon experience in a blog post.

Take care and be well this weekend.

CultFit Middle

Thursday 26 April 2012

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts-

Hmm Hmm…Don’t mind us as we puff out our masculine chest and spew machismo all about.  Oh, sorry didn’t mean to get sweat all over your precious new Athleta Yoga top.  Feel free to slide off your comfy Sanuks before you settle in this morning on the couch.  We just poured a nice cup of Mr. Grey and chances are the kettle is still warm as evidence of the stream still gently rising into the air.  If for some chance you thought things could not get any worse around here after yesterday’s Nickelback, Facts vs. Ignorance and dog balls post?  Think again dear peep, its Thursday!!!  Speaking of which we have never invited you into our pristine kitchen arena here at CultFit HQ?  How rude…

We love food and heating things up in the microwave and basically we would like to share some of our offerings with you.  So without further delay…Feast your eyes on our picturesque dinning options and like we always do on Thursday  “Best Caption Wins Something”:

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day

Without spouting off and going on a twisting rant we understand that Rest Days are the hardest part of your workout program.  “Like duh…How do I get better by meditating in the car on the way to work?”  or “Shit Son…I have a race this weekend and I am 15 miles low for my mileage this week!”

The simple truth:  Your hyper stimulated brain never needs to rest: Go, Go, Go all the time!  Problem is:  You have this thing called “Your Body” and your body secretly hates your brain and every thing your brain does to it.  Is it too much to ask to listen to your body for one day?  Luckily for you dear peeps we have a “Body” and a “Brain” on retainer here at CultFit HQ…Here is a recent conversation we overheard in the bathroom three stalls over:

BODY– “I’m sore, that’s all.”

BRAIN– “I wonder who else is in here?  Work sucks, kids are turds, what is the rep scheme today?  God Vancouver sucks and the Penguins blew it!  Damn Russians and who ever liked the Sedin twins to begin with?  Jesus, look at this!  Who put the toilet paper in the dispenser backwards?  Now I’m screwed with bad luck for the rest of the day!  Shit I forgot my lunch…Well Whole Foods is right next door to work, I’ll just do that instead of going home  in lunch traffic.  Hmm if I do go home I could stop by the co-op and do some yoga at YogaMed?  Yeah, sounds like a plan.  Almost forgot about the NFL draft, talk about a bunch of losers that watch that crap for four days straight!  Tom Brady is still hot as hell!!!  Time to wipe and go someone is coming in…Ahhh man not right next to me…”

BODY– “I’m sore, that’s all.”


Have an awesome day, Rest Up and ENJOY!!!