Pies fríos, amigo?

We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking-

Damn! The marathon I signed up for last October is this *bleepin* Sunday!!!

You remember the evening well, like it was yesterday. The focus on the positives of running a marathon were many: free sweat wicking tee, beer tent passes, the chance to buy a new running outfit. However, as the marathon date started to loom ominously on the horizon, the positive thoughts you once shared with others, quickly turned into negative thoughts that you shard with no one.

Even when doubts become overwhelming, when the call to starting line is announced,it feels painfully hard to back out:

What will my friends think? I quit, I’m a chump, a loser? I bought new shoes and a sweet running skirt, I picked up the race packet last night. We have reservations for pizza and beer after.”

What does it mean to have cold feet, anyways? Is it a small, nagging feeling that a huge mistake is being made or is about to be made, or an internal scream that yells, “Hey stop already! It’s not too late!” How serious does the event need to be on order to be “serious enough” to listen to the doubts, weigh them as more important than the embarrassment of not showing up, the risk of potential injury due to the lack of training and preparation, and back out of the marathon at the last-minute?

It’s one thing to have last-minute doubts about running a marathon you thoughtfully planned, trained dutifully for, back in October; it’s something else altogether to have doubts because you failed to train, you are injury prone and your sense of pride out weighs any other mitigating factors. Cute running outfit not matching included as well!


Purpose of the post today? That the doubts we all experience before a big event should be taken seriously and not buried with “pride” and “status“. Now is the time for reflection and honesty. Because on Monday … Feel free to expose the painful, underlying reality about your torturous marathon experience in a blog post.

Take care and be well this weekend.

CultFit Middle

9 Comments on “Pies fríos, amigo?”

  1. Susan says:

    LOVE this picture! I think having to admit I let myself down by not training for something has pushed me into running 5Ks before, even if I was hurt or feeling bad. I am over that, thank goodness.

    Life happens.

  2. Frank K. says:

    It’s often hard to be objective when it’s your own race. Giving advice to someone else? Usually no problem.

    • CultFit says:

      Its rather easy to dole out advice today, the way in which we are connected together. The true essence of this post and many of the posts here is to be honest with yourself, open and pure. Talking about having “cold feet” or whatever else may be hampering your spirit before an event, to me personally: Is critical to having a fun, safe and eventful time.
      Giving advice is easy. Talking with friends about our feelings is hard, even for this old runner dude!
      Be inspired this weekend and please take care!

  3. Sandra says:

    Cold feet, sweaty palms, upset stomach. Indeed. The nice thing is that I had no designs on winning. I am over being last (although I have never been last–the thought doesn’t terrify me any more). I should watch my mouth–it may happen this time.

    Years ago when I was in grad school, My Dad mailed me a poem (my Dad rarely mailed me anything). It was a poem entitled, “Don’t Be Afraid To Fail”. I have it upstairs in my office. I may have to incorporate that into my blog Monday after my race, correction, participation. 🙂

  4. i'm hot but i'm human says:

    Can I just say that I always love the photos attached to your posts?

    • CultFit says:

      Truly, your kind words mean so much to me. Often at times I write with such a narrow aim, an audience I suppose you could say … That leaves many thinking: “What in world is going on here!?!”
      Anyways, thank you for your continued support and I sincerely hope that you are having a great weekend!

  5. I hope you’ll consider doing a guest post while I’m offline for a few weeks. I listed you on my Dream Team: http://travelingmarla.com/2013/04/26/be-my-guest-blogger/

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