West of the : Moon :

With enough courage, you can do without a reputation-

Does it seem as though we are constantly defining who we are by our actions? Why is it difficult telling, or explaining who we really are?

Being distracted, busy and stressed is a choice I often make without a second thought.  No one is forcing me to take on all of these responsibilities and activities in my life. Sometimes it seems that being stressed out and busy is a symbol of status in our society. Raise your hand if you have uttered the following phrase(s): “I’m a _____” or “Look at all of these “things” I do.”

I’m a yoga instructor, pilates teacher, and coach. I’m an avid cyclist,  a quasi racer and competitive. I’m an engineer of some sort  I

Whatever happened to just being? I believe our identities have been so wrapped up in what we do that we have forgotten what it is like to just be.

Daily Meditation:

I need to pause now and – be, me.

CultFit Unplugged

9 Comments on “West of the : Moon :”

    • CultFit says:

      I’m catching myself more and more tuning out rather than tuning in. These feelings don’t weigh me down like they did in the past, and actually, this new found heightened sense of awareness has been a blessing 🙂
      Be well today friend!

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    I often wish that our entire world would stop spinning so fast. Although I have considerably slowed my own pace, I find it harder and harder to be around the franticness of work and society. Stillness is such a gift…..may you discover it soon and often.

    • CultFit says:

      We share similar thoughts in this regard. I find myself shaking my head quite a bit at the folks always, and I mean always – texting, talking and being constantly connected to whatever. I am my own worse enemy as well, I struggle quite a bit, and I find it difficult at times saying “no” to technology, “no” to immediately answering the many messages I receive during the day … Which is why I let my phones battery die, leave it in my work bag, locked in trunk while driving … Still not perfect, but we try don’t we? 🙂

  2. sara says:

    Gosh, yes. We are quite mad in this world, and I mean that literally. It’s interesting, but being a mother has really brought it home how much the world values what we do and ascribes a status to you accordingly. I have had to become peaceful with who I am rather than what I do…but even then I sometimes wish I had an impressive label to give to myself. Silly.

  3. Sandra says:

    She who reads this, madly rubbing the latest tri tat off her arm. Why is being genuinely ourselves, instead of what we do or say or write, never enough for us? Maybe that’s human nature. Either way, it’s a little destructive, but also instructive of how we perceive ourselves in a world that has grown far too commercial and vain. Maybe it keeps us motivated, but are those motivations for us or for others. . .

    I think just the act of riding my bike this fall without any races planned (other than completing my first half century by myself, a mile for each year of my life), with the wind in my hair and smile on my face, will be quite healing. I’ll have a GPS, but won’t look at it for speed or cadence–just to make sure I hit a mile a year. A celebration of being, that my body is still alive and willing, and that I love my life perhaps now more than ever. I’ll take my camera to record the beauty and smiles of people I meet.

    Perhaps I’ll see you this weekend at Seacrest? I’m assuming you will be there.

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