Salute Your Solution

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies-

The great discovery in life as we age (age not to be confused with mature …) is how much better, more fulfilling life becomes.

We spend much of our youth searching for “something” in the clouds of insecurity, trying to figure out exactly how to live. As turbulent time passes we gather slowly, more about our aims and preferences. Comparing ourselves to others diminishes, we know where our heart lies and our flight path is marked moving forward.

The search for meaning carries on throughout our entire life, although as we age, the deeper spiritual questions we have become more urgent and become more clear to us. The daily petty concerns that surround us are recede to their rightful place – unnoticed and forgotten. The wide-ranging emotions all of us have experienced this week, awakens our spiritual domain and delicately shows us what really matters in life.

The radiance we witness in the “older folk” comes from smiling and being more alive. We stop hurrying to every fleeting meeting we have scheduled, slowing down we develop attentiveness that adds an entire new flavour, richness to our daily experiences.

 Awareness of our mortality conveys a sense of immediacy, your time here today is precious  … Take care this weekend and please be well.
CultFit Lighthouse

Shadow Stabbing

A great man is always willing to be little-

Let’s engage in a rather broad conversation this morning shale we?

What on your part constitutes growth

Ripped abs, slimmer fitting clothes, blasting your back and chest performing super sets at the gym (don’t forget to pose in the mirror), bragging about numbers and how many reps fought through, taking a picture of yourself in some ridiculous yoga pose?

Humility may be one of the most misunderstood and under appreciated aspects of our daily experience. Humility does not necessarily mean lowering yourself below other folks, letting said people walk all over your very existence, cut you off in queue at the grocer or even treat you like you’re inferior to breathing the same air as they are. Embracing humility means being neutral, letting go of the urge to get the last word in, placing yourself above others and basically telling a bunch of self-righteous fairy tales. We expend far too much of our daily energy, squandered in the mindless striving for importance: Getting “ripped,” asking someone to admire your ass after an hour-long leg workout.

The stark truth of the matter is that you don’t have to get drawn into daily ego-competitions (sword fights anyone?!? Anyone …) and petty games anymore.


We grow as individuals when we free our mind and spirit of the need to feel bigger, superior to those around us.

CultFit What

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Technology is a way of organizing the universe so that man doesn’t have to experience it-

According to our critically acclaimed research department here at CultFit HQ:  We are three days into January and already 98.4% of our dear albóndigas are over training.  Who Knows, maybe it’s part of a grand scheme of some sorts or another.

The pic below may be useful to you, a guide more or less.  For us it’s a placeholder and we are blaming it on our AADD.  Last year our posts were in essence all over the place covering a wide range of topics on any given day.

The Plan-

Some like to say “potato”, some like to say “potato”…Others like “Random” and we like to throw a wrench into the works and say “Variation”.  Our reasoning for doing this is actually quite simple. Research has shown that muscle groups adapt to a specific training stimulus in roughly three weeks and then plateau.  Basically- Everything works for about a month.  So understand this simple message today- You may be training for a marathon that takes place in July right at this very moment on the 3rd of January by running on a treadmill in a stale fitness center somewhere.  Why?

The Workout-

Ease into the day as best you know how followed by:

One Hour Swimming as best as you can

Notes:  A few readers asked about our annual year-end holiday blow out over the weekend.  Needless to say it was  a raging success and yes we have pics to prove it, ENJOY!!!

Here's the pic and yes it did happen!