Go, No Go …

A woman, the more curious she is about her face, is commonly the more careless about her house-

Dammit Jim!  We have been hoodwinked again … I stayed up all night watching the Mars Landing Thingy and this morning?  My motivation to go out and achieve great things has vanished into thin air!

Does this story sound familiar to you?  Ever turned the last page  of a great book (Born to Run/Fifty Shades of Suck) and immediately want to go out and do great things after your Motivation Meter is pegged at ten?

Sadly, True and lasting inspiration cannot come from outside sources, no matter how many times you watch Rocky!!!  True inspiration must take place within a very deep place inside all of us.  This is one of those: You will know it when you see it sort of things.  The kind of  inspiration that propels you to be courageous, powerful and inspiring to not only yourself but those around you as well.

True inspiration is deep inside you right now!  Problem is we fail to see and feel this in a book or movie.  Reward yourself this week and do some soul-searching … The answer is staring at you in the mirror!

Amazing first pics from the Curiosity Rover!!!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Take a moment to watch this video:  One Race, Every Medalist Ever!!!

Our signature Happy Hips Warm Up followed by:

5k Pulse Trail Run … ?!?


What you got Britain?  Oh … Infinitely better beer.  That’s a biggie for us to forget about!  Have an awesome day today curious and motivated peeps, ENJOY!!!

Friday 16 March 2012

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes-

Have you ever witnessed something that makes you stop right in your tracks and watch in awe?  Something truly amazing, something you have probably never seen before?  We had one of these moments last night and we would like to share it with you this morning…Honestly stop whatever is occupying you at this moment and let yourself be amazed for eight minutes!

We had originally planned to beat some topic to death today…let this video sink in for a moment, life is truly amazing!!!

Earlier in the week we spoke about (albeit briefly) Changing the Definition of Fitness.  Fitness can be anything you like, so if wandered over here and made it this far?  Change fitness to…pixie dust if you like.

It truly is important to note that we are forever changing, right now as an example; you just changed.  Each and every time you beat yourself up for going through the same old thing again chances are the experience is more nuanced this time around, hopefully with more insight then you had before.  This new experience is always changing…Each and every pico second of the day.

What do we expect you to take away each time this happens?  Please take note that there are days when you may not want to exercise, eat right, go train, whatever . This is not the end of the world and we know for a fact that you will get out and exercise again!  This is what we like to call Changing the Definition of Fitness and getting back to your true self, back to your goals, and back to another opportunity to  redefine them in a more nuanced and personal manner.

The Plan-

Perspective:  Either this is the best news in the world or the worst?  Where do you stand?!? LINK

The Workout-

Pulled from our “Have a smile on your face” series here at CultFit HQ:

We have written ad nauseam about performing or engaging in a program that you thoroughly enjoy.  If you feel inclined go back and re-read all 290 or so posts that point this out.  So on that note:

Not for time…

One Hour Swimming rinse off and followed by:

Deep meditative yoga…you know where we stand on yoga so this is not the crap you do down at YogaMed or film yourself in the living room in tight Lululemon attire to post on MeTube later…

15 Minutes of Leg Drains and 15 Minutes of Inversions


Life is more important than just working out.  Watching your kids play, witnessing a magical moment in life…It’s moments like these where we need to step back and ENJOY who we are and where we are.  Have a great weekend watching the Australian GP and be sure to cheer for CultFit Racing Team member: Lewis Hamilton!  Be safe and ENJOY!!!