Go, No Go …

A woman, the more curious she is about her face, is commonly the more careless about her house-

Dammit Jim!  We have been hoodwinked again … I stayed up all night watching the Mars Landing Thingy and this morning?  My motivation to go out and achieve great things has vanished into thin air!

Does this story sound familiar to you?  Ever turned the last page  of a great book (Born to Run/Fifty Shades of Suck) and immediately want to go out and do great things after your Motivation Meter is pegged at ten?

Sadly, True and lasting inspiration cannot come from outside sources, no matter how many times you watch Rocky!!!  True inspiration must take place within a very deep place inside all of us.  This is one of those: You will know it when you see it sort of things.  The kind of  inspiration that propels you to be courageous, powerful and inspiring to not only yourself but those around you as well.

True inspiration is deep inside you right now!  Problem is we fail to see and feel this in a book or movie.  Reward yourself this week and do some soul-searching … The answer is staring at you in the mirror!

Amazing first pics from the Curiosity Rover!!!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Take a moment to watch this video:  One Race, Every Medalist Ever!!!

Our signature Happy Hips Warm Up followed by:

5k Pulse Trail Run … ?!?


What you got Britain?  Oh … Infinitely better beer.  That’s a biggie for us to forget about!  Have an awesome day today curious and motivated peeps, ENJOY!!!

11 Comments on “Go, No Go …”

  1. urbanbeings says:

    A safe Mars landing is awesome, I watched a documentary on it the other day showing how it was supposed to land, I mean, what could go wrong?!? Go team Nasa! 😀

  2. urbanbeings says:

    Ops! forgot to say, great post! Beer should never be forgotten no matter the context! have a great day! 🙂

  3. jazfagan says:

    I love it! Reading you makes my motivation meter sky rocket…LOL no pun intended 😀 Peace, Jaz

  4. Don’t know how they do it, but those runners are soooo fast!

    • CultFit says:

      Usain Bolt is a freak (literally) for a runner! At 6 foot 5 he is not considered to have a sprinters body. He only takes 41 strides to win while the others average 46-47-48. His stride length alone is a tad over eight feet! Simply amazing!!!

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