:Come Rain or Come Shine:

I realize today that nothing in the world is more distasteful to a man than to take the path that leads to himself-

Early this past Friday morning while driving to work, an event occurred that made me question everything in life.

Mindfulness and Awareness are a journey, not a destination, not something to achieve, not the latest “trend” to trick you into signing up for a months worth of yoga classes, and since mindfulness and awareness are deeply personal, I will humbly, and reluctantly share with you the events that enveloped my recent experience. An experience that has both failed me, and helped me tremendously.

Typically, I commute to work via bicycle. I wake early, reheat a cup of black coffee I make the night prior for a minute or so in the microwave and ease into my riding gear, gently and peacefully. This was not the case last Friday. For you see, I was in a rush, I was outside of my body, I was aware of my actions but not mindful of them. The usual list of things come to mind – Work, riding more, building a new bike, helping friends and family, trying to practice yoga twice a day, spending more time abusing myself than nurturing my spirit. Slowing down does not come naturally to me. I once had an old riding buddy (he was old and had legs like tree trunks …) in England say to me, “slow down to go fast mate” and I got it at the time. It’s the proverbial Aesop’s Fable the story of ‘The Tortoise & the Hare’, the tortoise won by going slower. Faster only gets you to your destination quicker – Driving to a noon yoga class while at work, instead of riding my bike to work and practicing at Halleck Park when the sun rises. Driving to work so I can pick up and drop off some bike parts a day ahead of schedule instead of just waiting for the weekend. By practicing to go slower, I become mindful of the world around me, and I pay more attention I actually arrive exactly where I want to be, with more awareness. Instead of a steamy car wash bay, spraying the putrid, burning flesh of a deer from the underside of my car.

All of this sounds so simple, although in practice, its much harder.

Daily Meditation:

So where does this leave me? I believe I need to reflect and review my actions with intention – Do my words and actions really align? My feelings really are indicators of my true spirit. When I am feeling incredibly frustrated with life, unsupported and angry? I need to pause, and take better care of my own emotional well-being. My thoughts truly create the world I call home. Being mindful of how I think is essential to my place in this comforting world at times.

Actions, feelings and thoughts that convey encouraging messages, that leave me feeling content and with a smile on my face, are at the heart of living mindfully.

CultFit Thoughts


Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant-

Lead.Learn.Live … Thank you for your thoughtful nomination of the Inspiring Blog Award.  For the longest time we thought there was only one amazing and brilliant person living in British Columbia?!? That’s right … Burnaby’s finest:  Joe Sakic!

Practicing the art of giving is something we take very seriously here at CultFit.  The act of giving is actually very simple.  Yet very few people take the time to give onto others.

Our suggestion as we move along this morning:  If you want to lead others with confidence and conviction?  Foster the habits that allow you to lead.  If you want joy in your life?  Take the time to share joy with other people around you.  If you want love to accompany you?  Learn to give love onto others.  If you want to Live life?  Pull back the shades a tiny bit and gaze upon what awaits you outside … That is where you learn to live.

When one receives an award such as the Inspiring Blog Award.  There are a set of instructions that accompany it, explaining how to pass the award on to others.  We just crumpled the instructions up and threw them in the corner with all the other nifty instructions about “Life”!  Heck, Did we use the instructions for our IKEA living room set?!?  Nope … “Hey, Um … We highly suggest you don’t place your beer right there mate.  You have been warned”.

Let’s explore some authentic, inspiring peeps together:

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The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … Time to go for a Walk actually!?!


Once again, thank you Lead.Learn.Live!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving Canada peeps … ENJOY!!!

**We desperately need the NHL back on the ice in order to restore balance in our lives!!!**

A Thought Provoking Blog-O-Award?!?

Fraa-jeel-aay! Huh! Must be Italian!

Before we get way off topic and start writing in a nauseating fashion a few thanks are in order.  Quite often we forge enduring and lasting friendships in the proverbial blog-o-sphere.  My Life Is A Picture Show has bestowed upon us the A Thought Provoking Blog Award and we cannot begin to say how deeply we are moved by her kind thoughts.

Quite often and more times than nought we simply click the Likebutton and carry on with our merry selves.  We have been doing this blog thingy for over a year now and the peeps that have taken the time to email and reach out to us here at CultFit know passionately our true purpose, our drive behind what we do.  These awards may seem tedious to the Look at me Crowd”  … Not to us!

So once again, thank you My Life Is A Picture Show for taking the time to read and look right through the faced we present.  Your blog and writing style is so very inspiring and beautiful.  Thank you!

So who do we nominate next?  As of .0004512 nano seconds ago there were 1678 followers of CultFit.  Pretty scary huh?!?  Each one of our readers is so amazing … Even the ones who only Followed to Follow if you catch our drift?

Take a gander at these peeps!  We think you’ll like what you see …

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Notice we have not told you about these amazing and lovely peeps … What are you waiting for?  Hop on over and say hello!  You’ll be glad you did!!!

**This is an authentic CultFit member.  Things will never be the same.**

Shadows of Your Mind

I wasted time, and now doth time waste me-

Whatever you do during your stay here at CultFit today.   Please do not click over HERE for a bit, not even for a little bit peeps (don’t even think about doing it while watching the video)!?!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … A nice peaceful walk followed by a nice chat with a friend.

Not worrying about what we did or did not do yesterday or all the miles lost today … Rest – The hardest THING you will ever do.


Whatever you do today please do not rest up and take care of your body and mind.  ENJOY!!!

You Brought A Gun To A Knife Fight …

You can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word-

Rumor on the street is that the kids of today love this stuff:

The Plan-

Well um … We’ll just leave this here (Way to take home the Bronze Boys!!!):

While we are causing women to faint worldwide this morning.  Say hello to Chilean gymnast Tomas Gonzalez:

The Workout-

Inspired recently from the Slap Upside the Old Noggin series of programs here at CultFit HQ:

Be Advised:  You can do this program inside, it can be done.  However … Lego’s, Matchbox Cars, Bottle Caps (Beer) hurt under your hands performing Handstand walks!  Grass is our friend here peeps!  Soft, plush green grass.  FYI- Its located outside!!!

Not For time

Nice quick flowing Warm Up followed by:

Handstand Walk for 10 meters (Sprint back to the start – where you left a heavy KB …)

10 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings

Skill work or whatever its called is complete rubbish.  Life is a skill that we are all too happy to avoid during the day.  Like all of our programs, having fun and enjoying ourselves is paramount!  If you can’t perform a Handstand?  Or even walk a straight line on two feet?  Who the hell cares?  We don’t – That’s who!  Forward Rolls, Crab Walk, Cart Wheels, You Name It … All work here today peeps.  Skill Work … Open the car door for your lady friend sometime?!?  That’s a pretty damn useful Skill to work on don’t you agree???


If only life were this easy?!?  Have fun today and ENJOY!!!