A Thought Provoking Blog-O-Award?!?

Fraa-jeel-aay! Huh! Must be Italian!

Before we get way off topic and start writing in a nauseating fashion a few thanks are in order.  Quite often we forge enduring and lasting friendships in the proverbial blog-o-sphere.  My Life Is A Picture Show has bestowed upon us the A Thought Provoking Blog Award and we cannot begin to say how deeply we are moved by her kind thoughts.

Quite often and more times than nought we simply click the Likebutton and carry on with our merry selves.  We have been doing this blog thingy for over a year now and the peeps that have taken the time to email and reach out to us here at CultFit know passionately our true purpose, our drive behind what we do.  These awards may seem tedious to the Look at me Crowd”  … Not to us!

So once again, thank you My Life Is A Picture Show for taking the time to read and look right through the faced we present.  Your blog and writing style is so very inspiring and beautiful.  Thank you!

So who do we nominate next?  As of .0004512 nano seconds ago there were 1678 followers of CultFit.  Pretty scary huh?!?  Each one of our readers is so amazing … Even the ones who only Followed to Follow if you catch our drift?

Take a gander at these peeps!  We think you’ll like what you see …

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Notice we have not told you about these amazing and lovely peeps … What are you waiting for?  Hop on over and say hello!  You’ll be glad you did!!!

**This is an authentic CultFit member.  Things will never be the same.**