Shadows of Your Mind

I wasted time, and now doth time waste me-

Whatever you do during your stay here at CultFit today.   Please do not click over HERE for a bit, not even for a little bit peeps (don’t even think about doing it while watching the video)!?!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … A nice peaceful walk followed by a nice chat with a friend.

Not worrying about what we did or did not do yesterday or all the miles lost today … Rest – The hardest THING you will ever do.


Whatever you do today please do not rest up and take care of your body and mind.  ENJOY!!!

10 Comments on “Shadows of Your Mind”

  1. That Uni poster is so awesome. I love an institution that can joke around and effectively use humor!

  2. urbanbeings says:

    you will not eat that cookie… works!

  3. Eng. Hasan Al-Bahkali says:

    Good blog

  4. I clicked “here”, I had to! Silly stuff as usual!!

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